Commercial Lighting Control Systems – Benefits and Installation Info

commercial lighting control systemsLearn how commercial lighting control systems can upgrade your property.

Having fully integrated commercial lighting control systems in your commercial building is one of the best resources your company can have. With lighting being a large expenditure in commercial buildings, the management of lighting control in structures and outdoor property can save a company up to 40 percent, or more, on their annual utility costs. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is a leader in the installation of building lighting control systems, and can install this vital necessity in your structure so that you can monitor and manage every aspect of illumination on your property. We are one of the leading lighting control systems companies in Florida, having worked on governmental, commercial and residential properties across the state. We are experts at commercial lighting control systems, and other building management operations, that provide cost-effective savings in utility costs and proficient infrastructure performance.

Building lighting control systems are an easy and affordable way to reduce energy costs, and add extra security to your property. ACC can build new commercial lighting control systems from the ground up, or install one by integrating it with your existing infrastructure. Our building lighting control systems are scalable and adaptable to future changes, add-ons and IT platforms.

Your managers will be able to employ time and zone schedules for illumination by setting-up days of the week, week-ends and holiday illumination schedules by date, time and zone operations, and also shut down lighting in unoccupied areas by using motion sensors, RFID readers, and other technology. No longer will your company be subject to the high cost and wasteful use of electricity by tenants, and poor illumination management.

Sustainable illumination management is a vital systemic strategy for any commercial structure, and IT software allows managers to access their system via a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device whether they are on-site or off. Commercial lighting control systems software has an easy user interface to access web applications, real-time data, feedback, analysis and management control activity. Your system also enhances building security with the use of motion detectors and light level sensors that register when individuals or objects are approaching a secured area. If a security breach is discovered, your illumination system will flood the area with light to scare off intruders, and also assist cameras and monitors in securing images, such as license plate capture and facial ID readers. Commercial lighting control systems require a minimum of installation and maintenance management yet can save you a significant amount of money in operating costs.

You will find that ACC is one of the best lighting control systems companies in Florida, and is known for providing quality products and excellent service to its clients. Our staff is educated and certified to meet meticulous service standards with integrity, excellence and professionalism.

We offer our clients an array of building management products, maintenance, tech support and service programs that can be customized to suit your specific needs and budget. You can enjoy the benefits of commercial lighting control systems in your structure, whether you are a small, medium or large building on one site or in multiple locations. We can integrate a systemic network from different locations, that can be accessed by your managers in one convenient location through cloud technology.

If you are interested in building lighting control systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660 and let us help you create an efficient and cost-effective lighting management system.