Building Management System Basics

building managementLearn how a building management system can improve the efficiency and security of your property.

Are you maximizing your building management potential? Is your building’s infrastructure running on its last leg or are you advancing systemic equipment and management? Now you can bring your company into the 21st century with one of Advanced Control Corporation’s building automation systems. We can help you improve efficiency, security and production, and lower energy costs with our smart bms (building management system) solutions.

New building management innovations will bring boundless success to the administration of all your infrastructure operations. We can install a new bms into your existing structure that can monitor and control every electrical and mechanical system in your building. Your managers can access and analyze data, and manage all of your building’s systems through one easy-to-use, centralized graphics interface platform, whether they are on or off-site, through internet access, tablet or mobile device. When you invest in a building management system you are providing an optimized systemic operation to run your building and property. Below is an overview of building automation systems basics:


Energy costs are sky-rocketing, yet Florida businesses have to make accommodations for hot weather and humidity. Cooling large commercial structures and keeping a safe and comfortable interior environment are expensive. The U.S. Department of Energy states that 60 percent of a commercial structure’s expenditures go to heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting.

Building automation systems are intricately designed to maintain thermal set-points within your structure while also adjusting humidity, odors, gases and other pollutants through your HVAC system. Your managers can dictate temperature control points and other issues through a sophisticated network of operations in your bms. And, you will be able to retain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment and significantly reduce utility costs with intelligent management engagement.


An integrated bms is designed to eliminate waste by monitoring property zones through sensors and scanners. Lighting will be shut down in areas that are unoccupied, and managers can arrange scheduled illumination timing for indoor and outdoor areas and zones. Proper building management is both efficient and cost-effective and will reduce your annual lighting budget by up to 40 percent. Your managers can shut down lighting overnight, through the weekend, during holidays, or any other time it is deemed necessary.

Building management uses motion detectors, RFID readers, and other occupancy controls to determine if an area is occupied or not. This leveraged information allows lighting systems to shut down or turn on lights when needed, eliminating the unnecessary use of electricity. Energy efficient light bulbs are also a smart part of keeping utility costs down.


It may be time for you to re-examine your building’s security system. Surveillance and other security logistics should be a paramount consideration in protecting your building’s occupants, resources and assets. We employ many security solutions to protect your property, including: CCTV, video surveillance, access control, lighting control and smoke evacuation. All of these bms entities are vital to the establishment of a secure indoor and outdoor environment. CCTV monitors all activity that is taking place on your property, and stores all data for future review.

Your managers will have real-time access to identify what persons are in specific locations and what type of activity they are engaged in. If suspicious activity is found, your managers will receive alerts and have the power to lock-down entire areas and zones of your building, and if necessary notify law enforcement. Your lighting system will illuminate any suspicious activity taking place on your property, assisting cameras in face recognition technology, license plate capture, and more. A bms smoke evacuation system will draw smoke out of your building through the exhaust system and mechanical devices (dampers, doors, etc.) will keep smoke from spreading to other areas inside the building.

Building automation systems utilize intelligent solutions to improve the performance of all your building’s operations, enhancing its effectiveness and reducing energy costs.

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