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Let building management systems improve the safety and efficiency of your property.

Does your security system effectively fit your building’s vulnerabilities and needs? Many building security systems ignore the basic rules of physical security. Large and busy buildings can be difficult to secure with just a few guards stationed here and there, who cannot cover large areas at once. Having the appropriate security systems for offices, and other indoor and outdoor areas, is vital to safeguarding visitors and property. Advanced Control Corporation is your answer for installing an effective security system for your property. We are experts at designing and constructing building security systems from the ground up, or adding a system to your current infrastructure.

Access control

Your access control system has the ability to permit or deny access to any area of your building, including different floors and zones, plus access to specific resources can also be denied by unauthorized personnel. Your system allows your managers to steer transient traffic through your building, to deter wandering and loitering. And elevator access control can limit what floors a person has access to by using ID cards or ID keys with specified access areas. Building management systems also use a host of integrated surveillance measures to monitor and manage your access control system.

Thermal Imaging

Building management systems should have thermal imaging as a part of their security system to assure that every hidden spot in your building, such as corners and hallways, is exposed to security measures. Thermal imaging is a unique security solution used by law enforcement, banks and the military. It enables the viewer to see things that are undetectable to the naked eye. Thermal imaging cameras can detect changes in temperature, whether an area is illuminated or in total darkness, by measuring the infrared energy heat of humans and other objects. CCTV technology can transmit infrared signals from security video cameras and send them to your security personnel. Building security systems with thermal imagining provide an affordable and effective way to protect your building and inhabitants.


The use of CCTV (closed circuit television) is one of the foremost security systems for offices. CCTV monitoring and recording capabilities capture any security problem in real time, like theft, vandalism, unusual occurrences and behavior, or criminal activity and can alert your managers if necessary. All data is recorded so that your managers can retrieve it for perusal at another time. Advanced Control Corporation installs building management systems that include CCTV security solutions using multiple tools and equipment, such as pan, tilt, zoom cameras.

Unlike fixed cameras, pan, tilt, zoom cameras virtually have the ability of removing blind spots in your facility by their full capacity to cover a 360-degree span of area. They move up and down and sideways, and can zoom in on a specific area of interest. They are an excellent choice for optical character recognition and license plate number recognition. Every area of your facility and outdoor grounds, like parking lots and garages, exits and entrances will be under surveillance with the use of CCTV.


We also offer video surveillance as a service (VsaaS) that is managed off-site, with all data stored in the Cloud. Surveillance can be set for specified dates, times, cameras, areas and more. This is a great option for business owners that don’t have a management team available for surveillance issues, plus all stored data is held secure against theft, tampering or damage.

This brief description of our building security systems can give you an idea of the many facets that exist in building management systems.

If you are ready to install one of our security systems for offices and outdoor areas, you can call Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.