Energy Efficiency Techniques for Your Building

energy efficiency techniques

Learn how implementing energy efficiency techniques with the help of Advanced Control can save you money.

Did you know that according to International Energy Agency statistics, commercial buildings have a 41 percent energy savings potential within the next 20 years by incorporating energy efficiency techniques into their infrastructure? This yield is greater than the industrial sector, which expects about a 25 percent improvement and the transportation sector yield at 21 percent. As an owner or investor of commercial real estate, you can increase your building’s value, lower utility costs, and improve overall systems performance and productivity by incorporating energy efficiency techniques into your building’s systemic operation.

Energy efficiency can be improved through advanced building design and construction that reduces lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling loads. You can improve your building’s energy consumption by retrofitting energy efficient and sustainable equipment, and actively managing your building’s energy usage. The owners of commercial real estate face rising costs in energy, plus maintenance products and services that dramatically affect their annual budget.

About two-thirds of all energy consumption in commercial buildings is used for electricity, which includes lighting, HVAC and office equipment. The cost of these systemic supports can be reduced with the installation of energy efficiency techniques. Below is a review of some of the many benefits that you will achieve with some of these techniques:


Did you know that approximately 44 percent of energy consumption is used for lighting your building and outdoor property? Add to that the fact that about 20 percent of those expenditures are unnecessary, and you have a good idea of how important it is to have the right equipment and management to operate your lighting system.

A good lighting control system can improve your property’s energy efficiency and save you 25 percent or more on lighting costs. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is a leader in energy conservation and has helped many Florida companies improve their building’s lighting efficiency, reduce waste and lower utility costs. Energy efficiency techniques used for lighting control include daylight sensing devices that illuminate your property as daylight diminishes. The reverse is also true where sensors will turn off lights in zones that are unoccupied or lighting is no longer required. These controls can be positioned to engage by time schedules, peak usage hours, zones etc.

Areas that are experiencing unusual or suspicious activity will also be illuminated by the lighting system as a part of your building’s security system, which will also send alerts to authorized personnel. All lighting circuits are integrated into one management location where data can be accessed via the Internet, mobile device or other cloud technology.


Your building’s HVAC system also requires energy efficiency techniques that implement the proper solutions to enhance performance, efficiency, sustainability and management. Specified set points for your building’s indoor thermal signature will create a healthy and effective way to save on utility costs and also reflect a comfortable environment for building occupants that enhances health and productivity. Your building’s air handling infrastructure units are a vital aspect of managing the three HVAC processes of heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

This system must be properly designed and sequenced so that it can achieve the desired performance level of operation. Processes such as ventilation, air pressure and infiltration throughout the system must be coordinated to deploy the correct balance of temperature control through the most efficient and cost effective manner. ACC uses advanced engineering solutions that effectively retain precise set points of a building’s internal thermal and humidity levels. The technological integrity of our air volume box control systems deploy the proper sequences for air distribution and secondary airflow. These systems can be installed to integrate with your building’s automation system so that managers can easily monitor and control all aspects of its operation.

ACC has energy efficiency techniques for your building that will serve you well for many years to come. We have a vast knowledge of energy conservation and can provide quality products and services that will lower your utility costs.

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