How Building Automation Systems Can Save Your Company Money

building automation systemsLearn how building automation systems can make your building work smarter and be safer for occupants.

Have you considered sustainable energy management for your commercial building? Your company can save a significant amount of money by installing one of our building automation systems. Advanced Control Corporation is one of the top building management system companies in Florida that is saving valuable money and assets for commercial and governmental buildings across the state. We apply technically advanced systemic solutions to your building’s infrastructure that eliminates waste, improves energy usage, and sustains mechanical systems from wear and tear and system failures. Your company will receive many valuable benefits by installing one of our building management systems.

The use of advanced building analytics and management control will help enhance production by maximizing efficiency, apply cost-effective energy solutions, conserve natural resources, and lower overall operating costs. Our building automation systems can be built from the ground up or integrated with your existing networks, and are adaptable to future additions as your business needs evolve. We can customize our building management systems to meet your business needs and goals, plus we oversee and monitor every facet of installation and also provide maintenance and technical training and support. We are one of the top building management system companies in Florida that can equip your property with many valuable benefits, such as:


Did you know that energy usage in commercial buildings is one of the biggest areas of waste and that 30 percent of costs is for excessive energy consumption? Gas, electric and water usage can be properly maintained by our building management systems to correct inefficiencies due to waste and excess. Our systems utilize a variety of monitoring systems, such as meters and sub-meters, sensors and more, to regulate energy usage in a practical and cost-effective range of operations. You system can manage your building’s HVAC system, lighting controls, and water usage and recycling to maintain practical levels of use.


What other building management systems advantages will your company benefit from? When infrastructure systems are working properly there is less stress on mechanical parts.

Our systems provide various sensors and meters that can identify when a specific area of your operation is experiencing stress. Your managers will receive alerts so that the problem can be addressed before you have a systems failure, which can cost you in production time and profit. By properly maintaining your infrastructure, and managing energy usage, you are adding many years of life to your equipment. Lighting management will shut down lighting when areas are not occupied, reducing unnecessary electric usage and sustaining the lifetime of light bulbs and other equipment. Temperature control also adds extended life to your equipment and systems operations.


Advanced building management systems make a huge impact on a building’s HVAC system by retaining set temperature points and providing air quality and safety. HVAC monitors and manages ventilation, odors, humidity, dangerous gases, smoke evacuation, air comfort levels and temperature. Good air quality and ventilation improve the health of employees and enhances their cognitive performance which optimizes their productive output. Employees experience less illness and days off from work when their work environment is healthy. Plus, intelligent HVAC efficiency saves most commercial structures between 24 and 32 percent on electric costs.

Building automation systems optimize systemic set-points through detection and diagnostics tools, reducing downtime and adding to energy efficient savings. Your managers can access your system software through an easy to use interface via computer, tablet or mobile devices, to engage in monitoring, communication, feedback, analysis and management at every level. Plus, your system will increase the value of your property.

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