Types of Building Automation Systems


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Commercial buildings are a complex mass of systems that control everything from security, electrical, mechanical, HVAC and more. Everyday functions proceed from an incredible array of systemic networks that are working behind the scenes. The best way to manage all of these separate systems, and to unify them as a whole, is to install a building automation system. Learning about the different types of building automation systems will help a commercial property owner select which system is appropriate for his building.

Building automation system basics integrates every system in your structure and outdoor property to bring you a unified field of operations that works synergistically and intuitively. How building automation systems work is through a relationship of harmonious and interdependent activities that keep your building operations working smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Your building’s infrastructure will use less energy from the power grid, create a safer and more comfortable environment, and support the sustainability of your infrastructure.

Smoke Evacuation

Comprehensive types of building automation systems include the vitally important asset of a smoke evacuation system. In the event of a fire in your building, your system will suppress the circulation of smoke, gases and airborne chemicals from being released inside your building. Instead, these elements will be sequestered and directed outside of your building through the smoke evacuation system.

The inhalation of smoke and gases are what causes a large amount of fatalities when building inhabitants are exposed to them. Without a smoke evacuation system you are leaving your building’s occupants at risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals, smoke and gases. Occupants that are overcome by inhaling toxins and smoke often become confused and experience blurred vision and respiratory impairment that can prevent them from safely exiting the building.

Your smoke evacuation system will seal off unaffected areas in your building keeping those area occupants safe, while also directing airflow to remove harmful smoke and other elements outside of the building. This type of activity is what keeps your building’s inhabitants safe, and provides them with a means of escape.


You can enjoy the benefits of building automation system basics by having a control/monitoring system. Our expert team at Advanced Control Corporation can design and build your system from the ground up, or incorporate it into your existing system. We adhere to all building requirements, governmental regulations and environmental issues. A control/monitoring system allows you to manage the temperature in your building and keep it within a set range in various zones. Air-handling units provide for the monitoring and management of your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC).

Building automation system basics manage the safety and comfort levels of temperature regulation, air quality, moisture control, air pressure, and ventilation throughout your structure. Maintaining the proper variables involved in air management will make your structure a more comfortable and safer place. Air quality is a vital aspect of health and safety that your air control/monitoring system provides, by regulating dust, mold, humidity, toxic gases and other contaminants inside your building. You can access stored and real-time data from your system so that managers can make assessments and changes, and also address problem areas.


Various types of building automation systems allow for automatic tenant HVAC override capability. Your tenants will be able to manage the HVAC system by overriding preset scheduling conditions. With the use of tracking software, your system will be able to record and bill any tenant override activity. This important feature keeps records in order and makes billing an easier task.

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