Searching For an Access Control Company in Fort Lauderdale? Let Advanced Control Help

access control company fort lauderdaleLet our access control company in Fort Lauderdale help you upgrade your property and make it more efficient.

If you want to master your interior and exterior commercial domain, you should know about access control. Advanced Control Corporation is an access control company Fort Lauderdale that will take your commercial property to the optimum level of indoor and outdoor security. We can help you optimize your building’s safety, and protect IT data, resources and assets by implementing smart security solutions that are vital to the safety concerns of today’s commercial structures.

Whether you have a large or small structure, or multiple structures on your property, we can integrate an access control security system into your infrastructure that will bring you many advantageous benefits. Built into your building automation system, access control allows you to monitor, manage, steer, and restrict traffic within your building. Your managers will be able to study real-time activity in your building and on your outdoor property. Access control can restrict traffic from entering your parking lots or garages when a motor vehicle doesn’t have the proper identification for entry. Elevator access will restrict indoor traffic from roaming on floors and areas that are restricted. This way, guests to your building will only be able to access areas specified by your management team.

We are a leading access control company Fort Lauderdale that can design and build the type of access control system your property requires. Your system will monitor indoor and outdoor areas to detect unusual activity. Alerts or alarms can be sent to your managers and officials to report suspicious, dangerous or criminal activity, and archived data can be reviewed to investigate specific events. Having access control solutions in place will also help to deter employee theft of IT data, resources and other company assets.

Private institutions, hotels, convention centers, hospitals, special needs facilities, etc. require specified safety measures. An access control system can prevent the handicapped and other vulnerable patients from entering dangerous areas where they may get hurt. Also owners and managers of multi-housing properties may require that tenants have an ID card to access door entry and specified floors from elevators. This type of measure deters strangers and undesirables from entering your building and roaming around. Rehabilitation facilities and senior housing should also have specific areas restricted, such as areas that store pharmaceuticals. Whatever type of company you have, it can be secured from unwanted intrusion and have restricted areas protected through an access control system.

If you are in the South Florida area, Advanced Control Corporation is your go to access control company in Fort Lauderdale. Our experts will assess your property to determine areas of vulnerability that are a cause for concern, so that building inhabitants and property can be secured. Your entire building can be monitored and managed through your system, which provides many great features. Video surveillance, various detection cameras and closed circuit television (CCTV) all work with access control to provide optimum security.

We provide customized building security analysis, design and construction, and can incorporate time, date and schedule access control, plus ID cards and scanners. Admission to specified areas can be regulated on a person-by-person basis. There is no time like the present to call an access control company in Fort Lauderdale to provide intelligent security solutions for your property.

To learn more about our access control systems and how one will protect your property, call Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.