ACC Building Automation System Basics

building automation system basicsLearn about building automation system basics and how it can improve the efficiency of your property at Advanced Control Corp.

If you are not familiar with building automation system basics, the subject can be a little daunting until it is explained. A smart building automation system is defined as a system that integrates both process and technology to create a building infrastructure that is more secure, productive and efficient. By utilizing advanced technology with intelligent design, construction, sustainability and environmental concerns your building and property will be improved in every way possible. Plus your building automation system software makes integration and management a simple process. You will see improvements in production, security, air quality and temperature control, indoor pedestrian traffic management, access control, surveillance, energy usage and waste management.

Whether you are building a new structure, or have an existing one, Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) can design and equip your infrastructure with the latest innovations of a smart building automation system. If you have one structure, or multiple structures on your property, we can upgrade your entire system to provide you with many benefits.

Your building automation system basics will include an efficient energy management system with access control and CCTV surveillance solutions. Plus your building automation system software allows for the integration and management of every area of your property. ACC is an industry leader in building automation system basics in Florida, and we have been a vital part of creating some of the most respected and sustainable building projects in the State. We can help you improve your building’s infrastructure and reap the many benefits of intelligent building design.

Our smart building automation system solutions will help you monitor and manage every facet of your building’s operation. Some of the many great benefits you get with building automation system basics include:

  1. Closed-circuit television networks (CCTV), and other surveillance options allows you to monitor activities both within your building and your outside property too. Your system will be able to detect unusual activity, alert property managers and authorities, and help to deter criminal activity, damage and theft. Indoor surveillance also helps to reduce employee tampering and theft of assets, resources and IT data.
  2. With elevator and building access control you will be able to steer pedestrian traffic and keep restricted areas secure.
  3. Energy management solutions keep your systems running efficiently with minimal energy usage, and diminished waste. Utility monitoring incorporates metering, sub-metering and dashboards to keep systems within targeted limits and ranges.
  4. An advanced HVAC system keeps air comfortable and safe, by detecting offensive odors, pollution, and dangerous toxins and gases. Your system will also include smoke detection and evacuation processes.
  5. Building automation system software uses a graphical user interface that allows you to intuitively interact with your environment. Access is easily achieved through a computer, laptop, or mobile device, and systems data can easily be shared, stored and analyzed by your managers.

Your smart building automation system is designed to physically and digitally integrate your infrastructure and provide the maximum level of sustainable and cost effective services. Plus your building automation system basics can detect current inefficiencies in your system that are producing unnecessary expense. It will improve performance, reliability and production while reducing waste, mechanical wear and tear, and unnecessary energy consumption. ACC provides education and training for your managers with on-line and on-site support, which includes technical maintenance, operation modifications, scheduling engagement, monitoring capabilities, systems application, repair and replacement, and much more.

We can create a smart building automation system for your structure that will effectively manage your building’s operations, conserve energy, and reduce operating costs. To learn more about our great company and products contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.