Fort Lauderdale Building Automation System Installation


fort lauderdale building automationLearn about building automation system benefits and how it can improve the efficiency of your property at Advanced Control.

If you are a business owner in the Fort Lauderdale area, you will be pleased to discover how many vital building automation system benefits are available to you. Whether you have an old structure or newer one, Advanced Control Corporation can integrate independent proprietary systems into one cohesive unit that manages every system in your facility. Your Fort Lauderdale building automation system combines mechanical, electrical, security and IT networks into one synergistic system that will save you money on operating costs, improve security concerns, and create greater interoperability leverage by sharing data.

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in designing and creating intelligent building systems in Florida since 1987. We have witnessed the massive growth in information technology that has led to the pursuit of new system developments that expand the possibilities of building management. Our Fort Lauderdale building automation systems can integrate all of your building’s separate system functions through the use of new technological, mechanical and IT innovations. Whether you have one or more structures on your property, we can combine data, building controls, security systems and telecommunications into one vibrant and manageable system.

You will find that our Fort Lauderdale building automation provides an array of inclusive functions that include: access control, energy management systems, IT building systems integration, CCTV surveillance and security operations, and much more.

Advanced Control Corporation provides many services including the design and installation of building automation systems, energy conservation systems, plus maintenance and support services. Our team of experts will assist you in managing every facet of your building’s operation so that it functions smoothly, sustainably and cost-effectively. Once your Fort Lauderdale building automation is installed, you will enjoy all the building automation system benefits that it provides:

  • Lowering your over-all operating costs by becoming energy efficient through the reduction of waste and energy usage
  • Increasing the value of your business and property
  • Improving the security of your property, building occupants, business assets, IT data and resources
  • Realizing a decrease of 15 percent annually in your equipment operating cost expenditures
  • Establishing deterrents against employee theft, tampering or break-ins
  • Utilizing sustainable solutions to building infrastructure and the environment
  • Improving health and safety features through an enhanced HVAC system
  • Providing access control to elevators, floors and restricted areas
  • Conserving natural resources with recycling and other functions

Your BMS system software is another vital feature of our Fort Lauderdale automation schematic. The installation of BMS system software provides for the management of every system in your structure. It will monitor, alter, manage, collect and share IT data, analyze results, and alert your managers to problems, inefficiencies and malfunctions in any given system. System alerts will report inconsistencies in energy usage and waste so that these issues can be addressed before more serious problems arise.

Another great function of your BMS system software is that it can be accessed through one easy interface whether you are on-site or off, using a variety of devices such as: laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Your BMS system software utilizes a graphical user interface that allows for user feedback, and the integration of other system platforms and programs. Once your BMS system software is installed, you will agree that it is one of the smartest business investments you ever made.

The installation of a Fort Lauderdale building automation system will bring you maximum efficiency and productivity. Through open protocols and IP-enabled components, new technology can be added wirelessly as future requirements are needed. This eliminates costly renovations and makes your infrastructure more scalable.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy great building automation system benefits. You can speak with one of our representatives today about installing your new Fort Lauderdale building automation system by contacting Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.