How Building Power Monitoring Can Help You Save In Operating Costs

building power monitoringEffectively reduce operating costs with a customized building power monitoring system

Are out-of-control operating costs hurting the profitability of your commercial building? No matter how big or small your commercial building is, energy use is undoubtedly one of your highest operating costs. Building power monitoring is one of the most effective ways to rein in outsized energy costs. Through the use of metering, sub-metering, and dashboards, building utility monitoring solutions can help you manage energy usage in your facility. You will be able to identify problem areas, optimize energy usage, and reduce energy waste so you can get your operating costs under control.

 Power monitoring is one of the biggest building automation system benefits for building owners. Being able to monitor and control energy usage in your facility helps lower operating costs, while making your building more efficient and better able to operate in the future. Power monitoring can help you save in operating costs in the following ways:

Pinpoint problem areas

Monitoring energy consumption in your building shows you when and where systems begin to exhibit degraded performance. You will be able to identify specific problem areas as they start developing, eliminating the need for costly investigation by repair personnel. You can direct maintenance to address the exact problem areas, eliminating the need for costly whole system repairs.

Reduce wasted energy

Integrated building management systems put all the power usage data of your facility at your fingertips. You can easily audit energy use across all the operation systems in your building, monitoring the energy consumption of the climate control, lighting systems, and other building operating systems. These whole building energy audits can help you identify areas where energy is being wasted. By comparing occupant information with energy usage, you can reduce wasted energy in unoccupied areas and lower your energy costs.

Accurately allocate energy usage

Sub-metering capabilities of building power monitoring solutions allow you to accurately measure the energy consumption of your tenants. Assigning energy costs according to actual use rather than according to square footage can help you reduce operating costs in several key ways. You can see the actual energy usage in common areas as well as in each tenants’ area, and you will be able to identify tenants with excessive energy usage. This enables you to accurately assign and bill the costs that are your tenants’ responsibility rather than averaging high use areas with the low energy usage in common areas.

Detect and solve problems before they develop

Utility management dashboards make it easier for you to interact with your power monitoring system. Simple navigation controls and a graphical user interface help to actively monitor essential data from the power usage in your building, so you can detect developing problems before they become critical. You can then use the building power monitoring information to come up with a solution to resolve the problem while it is still at a manageable level.

Develop effective energy use plans

The graphical user interfaces built into building power management software can translate your building’s energy usage into easy to understand graphs and charts.  This format makes it easier to understand energy use data, so you can use the information to develop an efficient energy use plan for your facility. Once your plan is in effect, power monitoring allows you to assess the effectiveness of your energy plan and make any necessary tweaks to make it work better.

Ready to start saving on operating costs in your facility? The knowledgeable technicians at Advanced Control Corporation can customize a building power monitoring solution for your building. If you already have a building management system in place, Advanced Control Corporation can install a dashboard that integrates with your current building management system to provide power monitoring capabilities in your building without the need for an expensive retrofit.

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