Building Monitoring System Options

building monitoring systemChoose only the building monitoring system options you need for your facility

In the Information Age, building security has become more important than ever. Now it is not just the physical premises of your building that are at risk; the private data of your and your tenants’ companies can be compromised by employee theft or hacked from remote servers. Fortunately, building monitoring systems have become extremely customizable and affordable.  Owners of small buildings no longer have to bear the expense of having a complete building automation solution with the full array of security monitoring functions, whether they are needed or not.  Instead, you can have a customized security solution that contains only the specific building monitoring system options you need.  

Advanced Control Corporation’s comprehensive building security automation solutions combine automated building management systems with building monitoring system options to provide the precise amount of security you need to protect your facility.  Building management systems control all building operation systems such as HVAC, lighting, air quality control, energy management, and utility monitoring, so the entire facility works as efficiently as possible. You can then incorporate whatever security components you require for the safety of the occupants, data, and premises.

The security system can be sized for a small single floor building or be expanded to fit an extended facility, whether you need a limited security system for office buildings or a monitoring solution for a multi-building facility such as a campus or industrial complex. Available security options include access control, elevator control, CCTV cameras, and digital video recorders, allowing you to secure all vulnerable areas in the building. Take a closer look at the building security options you can choose:

Access Control

Access control allows you to monitor and restrict access to all areas of your building to authorized individuals, without the expense of multiple lobby guards. Occupants are issued personal entry cards that work in conjunction with RFID readers to deny or allow entry to areas on a person-by-person basis. Day and time scheduling options allow you to restrict after-hours access to cleaning staff. The system monitors and records every access attempt, providing a clear audit trail if necessary. Employee access cards can be instantly deactivated at any time, providing a strong layer of protection if you need to fire an employee.

Elevator Access Control

Buildings that have multiple tenants or different departments often need to restrict access to different floors, so that they are only accessible to selected individuals. Using the same personal entry cards as the access control system, an elevator access control system provides dynamic control of your facility. The system can manage event data for up 50,000 cardholders at 20,000 events, and even retains ID events data and settings during power failures for the greatest security.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Our powerful CCTV surveillance systems allow a single guard to monitor your entire facility, whether you have a single building or a multi-building complex. A wide array of camera types are available, including network (IP), fixed position, and pan/tilt/zoom.  Thermal imaging cameras are available for low-light conditions, while license plate capture cameras ensure that garages and parking areas are secure.

CCTV Recording Solutions

Our CCTV recording solutions range from simple systems that are operated remotely to extensive video management systems that are fully manned around the clock to monitor multiple sites. Video analytics can be employed to enhance surveillance protection in highly secure and sensitive areas.

Let Advanced Control Corporation create a building security solution for your facility with the precise building monitoring system options you need. Our security experts have created customized security solutions for thousands of local building owners, giving them the peace of mind that comes from knowing their premises and tenants are completely protected. Let our security design experts install your customized building security solution today!

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