Security Systems for Office Buildings: Don’t Leave it to Chance 

security systems for officeWhy security systems for office buildings are necessary 

Security is a critical concern in office buildings. If you are simply trusting that door locks will keep your office building secure, you are taking an unnecessary risk with the safety of your personnel, data, and premises. Don’t leave the security of your office building to chance! Security systems for office buildings can be scaled to fit any business size or type. Through the use of elevator control, access control, and surveillance technology, office building security systems can prevent unauthorized individuals from roaming through your building and protect valuable data and equipment from harm.  

Office buildings may have more than one tenant, and most receive visitors from outside organizations. If individuals are allowed to roam the building at will, there is a good chance that unauthorized intruders will be able to gain access to the data and equipment of the building’s tenants. Using door locks with keys is not a cost-effective solution. Keys can be lost or stolen, and locks need to be replaced anytime your staff changes. Office building security systems can provide protection on a stand-alone basis or be incorporated as part of a comprehensive building automation solution.  

Advance Control Corporation is experienced at creating customized security systems for buildings of all sizes.  The needs of different industries and companies can vary greatly, so we never take a “one size fits all” approach to office building security.  Our security experts will help you determine the specific security components that you need and design a customized security automation solution for your facility that you can remotely monitor from anywhere that has Internet access. The security automation solution we design for your office building can contain any or all of the following security system components: 

Elevator Access Control

Elevators are a prime area of security vulnerability in office buildings. An elevator access control system  controls which floors individuals can visit and prevents them from accessing floors without authorization. In multi-tenant office buildings, an elevator access control system protects tenants’ privacy and eliminates security concerns that companies may have about sharing the building with other tenants. In single tenant buildings, elevator access control can keep data and high-security areas safe from employees in different departments.  

Access Control  

Access control is a critical component for all security systems for office buildings, whether you have a single company inhabiting your entire office building or tenants from multiple companies sharing space in your facility. Card readers, RFID scanners, and other occupancy controls such as biometric scanners can restrict access to resources to ensure that only approved personnel are able to access specified areas in your building.  

CCTV Surveillance  

CCTV and digital video surveillance technology is a cost-effective security solution that allows you to monitor all areas of your office building without having to hire guards to maintain a physical presence. A variety of CCTV camera types, including fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal imaging cameras, can be used in conjunction with CCTV digital video recording technology to provide security for your entire facility. Video analytics can be used to heighten surveillance protection in security sensitive areas. A single guard can monitor the entire building and address security problems as soon they appear.  

Don’t leave the security of your office building to chance any longer. Advanced Control Corporation can create a customized security system for your office building that incorporates elevator control, access control, digital video surveillance, and the latest intrusion detection technology to protect the physical, logical, and digital resources in your facility. Since 1987, the security experts at Advanced Control Corporation have helped thousands of local building owners protect their facilities with customized security automation solutions. 

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