Benefits of Elevator Security Systems

Elevator Security SystemsFind out how the benefits of elevator security systems make buildings more secure

Elevator security systems can be valuable assets for high-rise and multi-tenant facilities, providing enhanced security, heightened safety, and lowered operational costs, as well as other essential benefits. Most commercial buildings with two or more floors have elevators, but many of these facilities still allow unsecured access to the elevators and lobbies. This creates a security vulnerability that could expose the owner, tenants, and premises to a dangerous degree. Elevator security systems provide access control and security monitoring to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering protected areas of the facility.

Elevator security systems can be integrated into a building automation system or operated as a stand-alone access control operation.  Smart cards are issued to tenants, and card readers in the elevator determine what floors people can access. CCTV cameras can be installed within the elevator cars to provide 24/7 monitoring. The benefits that elevator security systems provide can improve the safety, security, and profitability of your facility in the following ways:

Improved security

Using Smart cards and readers, elevator security systems can control elevator and floor access and prevent unauthorized people from entering restricted floors. Preventing unauthorized access from transients Elevator floor access control provides enhanced protection for tenants and building resources, including IT data storage and other top-level resources.

Enhanced safety

Apartment buildings, university dormitories, and other residential buildings need to ensure the safety of occupants while they are in elevators. Elevator security systems that include a CCTV camera surveillance system can enact 24-hour monitoring to deter criminal activity in elevators. When people know that they are being monitored, they are less inclined to commit offenses. If untoward activity does occur, emergency personnel can be instantly notified and dispatched.

Lowered operation costs

Elevator security systems can significantly lower a building’s security expenses. Instead of bearing the expense of having a guard on duty in the lobby, building owners can use elevator access control systems to allow or deny access to the elevators and floors automatically.  With CCTV cameras in place in elevators, building owners can hire a single guard to remotely monitor the CCTV cameras used in all the elevators on the premises. Elevator cameras are continually on and easily monitored, providing more complete security than physical guards at a vastly decreased expense.

Emergency evacuation and control

When power outages, fires, or other emergencies occurs in buildings, elevator access control systems can assist with evacuation of personnel and restrict other occupants from accessing affected floors. Access control ensures that only emergency personnel are directed to trouble spots, reducing danger to occupants and building owner liability.

Immediate failure response

Power outages and mechanical failures can interrupt the operation of your elevators at any time. If they occur outside of business hours, the occupants of the elevators can end up stranded in a stalled car. When you have an elevator security system monitoring the performance of your elevators, it will instantly notify technicians that an error has occurred and connect the elevator car with a response team. This prevents panic on the part of occupants and ensures the elevator is repaired as soon as possible.

Liability protection

Elevators present a potential legal vulnerability for property owners. An individual can press a suit, claiming he or she was injured or stuck in your elevator car, and you would have no way to refute their claim. An elevator security system with CCTV cameras will protect you from spurious litigation, allowing you to settle claims before they reach the court system.

If you would like to start enjoying the benefits that elevator security systems can provide, the security experts at Advanced Control Corporation can create a customized elevator security system for your new or existing building. Whether you want a stand-alone elevator security option or a comprehensive building automation system that includes elevator access control, access control, CCTV cameras and more, we can provide you with a customized security solution that will blanket your facility in protection.

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