Intelligent Building Solutions for New and Existing Construction

Intelligent Building SolutionsWondering what intelligent building solutions can do for your new and existing construction?

Are you looking for a way to lower operating costs and make your building as secure, comfortable, and energy-efficient as possible? There are intelligent building solutions for new and existing construction that deliver these benefits and more. Whether you are building a new facility or looking to upgrade your existing structure, intelligent building solutions can integrate the control systems in your facility so they communicate and work together. The result is improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and a more responsive building environment.

The latest intelligent building automation technologies

Today’s intelligent building automation technologies are IT-friendly, fully supporting the major communication, desktop IT, and building automation standards including email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, and Ethernet. An extensive suite of services is available, including data sharing, scheduling, device management services, and more.

All aspects of the building operations are incorporated into intelligent building solutions, such as HVAC, security, and lighting. Air quality, temperature control, video surveillance, and power monitoring are all controlled from a single interface. The systems work together synergistically to create a more secure, comfortable, and healthy building environment.

Intelligent building solutions for new construction

When intelligent building solutions are installed in new structures, all of the control systems work together at maximum efficiency. Open protocols are used so the systems can effortlessly be upgraded to incorporate cutting-edge technology as it develops. The solutions created are designed to be scalable, so the system can be expanded to meet future needs.

Owners and building managers can control the entire building automation system from a touch-screen workstation on-site or access it remotely through a web-based control system. Custom designed graphics and intuitive navigation features make operations simple and easy to understand.

Intelligent building solutions for existing construction

Intelligent building solutions can help existing structures realize many of the same energy efficiency benefits as new structures. There may be some challenges to overcome, however.

Buildings are often upgraded in a haphazard fashion. Technologies from different manufacturers may have proprietary operating protocols, rending them unable to communicate with each other. Instead of a single operating system where all components work together, the building control center ends up with a mix of legacy systems and newer technology with incompatible operating systems.

Working with legacy building automation systems

The latest intelligent building automation technologies feature open protocols that allow them to communicate with other manufacturers’ components. If any of the components lack an open standard to communicate, there are over 200 third party communication drivers that can be used to ensure that information flows freely throughout the entire system.

IP-enabled components connect wirelessly with each other, eliminating the need for expensive renovations.  All aspects of the building control systems in an older structure can be incorporated into the new building automation solution including HVAC, security, lighting, and smoke evacuation features.

Once all of the various control systems in the building are linked together, the building automation system uses that information to make sure they work together at peak efficiency.

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits of intelligent building technology in your facility, Advanced Control Corporation can help. Our experienced technicians can design a custom intelligent building solution for new or existing construction that incorporates building automation, energy management, access control, and CCTV technology.

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