Latest in Building Automation Systems in Universities

Building Automation Systems in UniversitiesDiscover the incredible benefits offered by the latest university building automation systems

Are you looking for a building automation system to handle operations at your university? Managing operations at colleges and universities is not a simple matter.  These facilities typically serve thousands of students in a mix of environments, with dozens of disparate building and security systems competing and creating inefficiencies. Budgets are generally tight, so universities are always looking for ways to reduce energy use and costs. The latest in building automation systems in universities integrate all of the various building operation and security systems into one campus-wide network, making students and faculty more comfortable, safe, and secure, while providing considerable cost and convenience savings for management.

A single unified IP network

One of the greatest challenges of adding building automation systems at universities is the need to interface the new control solutions with legacy systems. Many of these older components use proprietary communication protocols that will only communicate with equipment made by the same manufacturer.

Because buildings on university grounds are often added throughout the life of the school, a single institution may feature equipment from dozens of different building automation manufacturers.

The latest building automation systems are IT-friendly, with the ability to draw on a bank of more than 200 third-party communication drivers so they can communicate with these legacy systems and incorporate them into a campus-wide network. All major communication, desktop IT and building automation standards are supported, including email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus and Ethernet.

All of your university’s operations – the IT infrastructure, HVAC, fire, security, and buildings control systems – can be transmitted over your network through BACnet and LonWorks.

Advanced environmental controls

Advanced environmental controls enable college university building automation systems to balance teachers’ desire for classroom control of windows and ventilation with cost management strategies and healthy building practices.  Universities typically have a mix of environments that can include everything from computer labs to theaters, classrooms to eating facilities, dormitories, and more.

With all the different environmental controls integrated into a single system, the latest building automation systems can react in real time to adjust HVAC and ventilation controls as needed to maintain a healthy environment. CO2 monitoring and control strategies use ventilation to maintain a healthy air balance in laboratories and other facilities.

Cost savings

One of the biggest benefits of adding building automation systems in universities is the incredible cost savings that can be realized. Integrated occupancy sensors manage lighting and HVAC systems to eliminate energy waste in empty areas, significantly reducing operation costs.  All of the building operations, security control, and IT systems for the entire campus can be easily managed from a single location, reducing the need for personnel. Upgrades are accomplished over the IT network without the need for cabling expenses.

Easy future expansion and upgrades

All of your university’s operations, including the IT infrastructure, HVAC, fire, security, and buildings control systems – can be transmitted over your network through BACnet and LonWorks. All of the components and control systems on the campus can easily be upgraded through software updates on the network. As IT network operations evolve, your college university building automation system can incorporate the latest innovations without the need for expensive retrofits.

Improved safety and faster response to emergencies

Integrating all of the crucial control systems at a university into a single college building automation system improves fire and life safety on campus. If fire alarms detect smoke or heat, the building automation system adjusts the HVAC system, shutting off fresh air and activating ventilation to clear the area of smoke. The access control system unlocks doors along the evacuation path, while the security system positions cameras so the CCTV system gives first responders a live feed of the fire.

Cyber security

Cyber security has become a critical issue at universities in recent years, as intelligent building automation systems have grown to control virtually all of the infrastructure systems on campuses. Increasingly, the computer data systems that contain personal information of students and faculty are tied into the same network as part of the building automation system.

The latest college university building automation systems include safeguards to maintain the secure transmission of data and information on campus. Building access and elevator access control, biometrics, digital surveillance, and intrusion detection can be used to monitor and safeguard your college’s IT network and building automation system from physical attacks.

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