Green Technology in Buildings

Green Technology in BuildingsHow to enjoy the benefits of green technology in buildings with older systems

If you are looking for a way to lower energy costs, improve tenant appeal, and increase the health of the occupants in your commercial building, green technology is the answer! Green technology has become one of the most desired features in buildings today. When owners incorporate green technology in buildings starting with the initial design they realize the greatest benefits, of course, but retrofitting green technology in buildings with older systems can also deliver considerable improvements in several key areas. Building owners are often surprised to find they can enjoy the benefits of green technology in their existing structures without the need for extensive renovations.

Understanding green technology in buildings

The goal of green technology in buildings is to make them more sustainable and energy efficient, while reducing the impact on the environment. Green technology delivers a number of significant benefits for all types of buildings, from high-rise office buildings and housing units to industrial complexes. In new structures, green technology is incorporated in every phase of the build from initial siting and material selection to the systems that control operations.

In older buildings, the electrical, mechanical, and security systems function independently. Outdated legacy systems often do not work well with newer components, so these buildings cannot benefit from the latest innovations in technology. This leads to inefficient operations that can waste a significant amount of energy and money. These systems can also cause health risks to develop. Using a building automation system, technicians can devise a custom green building energy management solution to integrate the various control systems so they all work together.

Benefits of green technology in buildings

Incorporating green technology yields valuable advantages for building owners as well as tenants. Some of the most desirable building management system benefits include:

Healthier building environment

“Sick building syndrome” is a well-documented phenomenon that can develop in buildings, especially ones located in hot and humid areas. Constantly running the air conditioning systems can cause condensation to collect, creating an ideal hatching ground for unhealthy mold spores. Inefficient ventilation systems can allow CO2 from building garages to cycle through other building areas, exposing tenants to dangerous fumes.

Building management systems combat sick building syndrome by maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, turning off HVAC systems when the building is unoccupied. Ventilation systems are monitored and adjusted so they work at peak efficiency.  Garage fumes are contained and vented correctly.

Improved tenant retention and high rents

Customers are concerned about their impact on the environment, and they prefer to do business with companies that they perceive as being “green”. They also realize the health benefits that can be realized from a more sustainable building. Retrofitting an existing building with green technology can help increase tenant retention rates and attract new, eco-conscious tenants who are willing to pay a premium to have an address in a green building.

Increased energy efficiency and lower costs

Green building technology works to eliminate the energy wasted in lighting, heating, and cooling unoccupied areas. In a typical commercial building, 30 to 40 percent of the space is unoccupied at any given time. Building management systems use motion detectors, access card readers, and other sensors to detect when occupants have left an area so resources are not wasted in the empty area. Scheduling features allow tenants or owners to turn off unnecessary energy use during building “down times”. Eliminating energy waste in this manner can reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent.

If you are interested in incorporating green technology in your new structure or enjoying the benefits of green technology in buildings you already own, call Advanced Control Corporation today. We have helped thousands of buildings improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint with green building management solutions.

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