Can I Install a Green Building Control System in My Building?

green building controlFind out about upgrading your property with a green building control system

Now is the time to think about installing a green building control system in your commercial structure. It is never too late to begin improving your building’s infrastructure and your business’s bottom line. Whether you want to build from the ground up or incorporate green building control systems into your current set-up, Advanced Control Corporation has the expertise to get the job done right.

Building management systems are designed to eliminate waste, conserve water and natural resources, enhance the indoor environment, and efficiently use energy. Your system will increase your building’s market value and also enhance productivity. Sustainable equipment will add many more years to the life of your infrastructure and produce less wear and tear on parts. One of the many aspects of green building control systems is to utilize recycled and renewable parts to lessen your carbon footprint. Your system benefits you, your business community and the general public by managing, recycling and conserving natural resources.

Green building control systems are important because they focus on sustainably reducing building maintenance and minimizing equipment replacement costs. Your system will radically advance your building’s overall production performance while also improving the indoor environment and security features of your building and outdoor property. Some of the substantial improvements your green building control system will make include:

  1. Your system will improve the indoor air quality of your building by regulating environmental systems that control energy usage. Commercial buildings are known for wasting considerable amounts of energy through needless use. By regulating your lighting, cooling and ventilation systems through date and time scheduling and other controls, you will save about 30% in energy usage costs. Sub-floor construction allows for a quick and efficient air delivery system that circulates heated or cooled air, and wall-mounted controls allows for easy management.

Building management systems also regulate and control air quality, pollutants and humidity, and also alert for toxic gases and smoke detection. Ventilation systems can sequester gases and smoke and redirect them outside your building. Building inhabitants will have safe zones that they can use to exit the building in the event of fire or toxic gases.

  1. Building management systems make use of high efficiency lighting systems with programmed controls to reduce energy usage and maximize the longevity of the lights. You will dramatically reduce your utility usage and costs by eliminating the needless use of electricity. Many commercial buildings leave lighting on whether specific areas are occupied or not. It is estimated that about 30% of utility usage is wasted. You can change this problem with the use of lighting control schedules, and time and zone sensor controls that turn lighting off when an area is unoccupied. Green building control systems also manage lighting in outside areas such as parking lots and garages, walkways, signage and more.
  1. Is your security system outdated? Criminals are learning how to breach building security at an alarming rate, which can make you security system obsolete. Green building control can increase your property’s security by using the latest surveillance technology, computer systems, CCTV and more. Closed circuit television (CCTV) technology uses cameras to monitor your entire building and outdoor areas, and can be accessed by your managers in one central location. With the use of Wi-Fi technology, cameras can be placed in any desirable location, especially where there are building vulnerabilities.

Your green building control system utilizes a variety of cameras and recording solutions that will monitor and transmit data and images to your management team. Access control is another vital part of your security system that will enable your managers to steer transient traffic, tenants and employees through your building, and deny them access to restricted areas.

You will save money, improve productivity and stay secure with green building control systems. And you can have peace of mind knowing you made the right business decision by upgrading to green building control. To learn more about our company, products and services, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.