Improve Safety and Efficiency with Building Light Control Systems

Building Light Control SystemsLearn how intelligent building features can improve your property’s performance.

New building light control systems are a marvel of modern times. With lighting being a top utility expenditure in commercial buildings, transitioning from outdated lighting systems to a technologically advanced system can dramatically reduce your utility costs by as much as 30% annually and improve efficiency, quality and security. BMS lighting control systems are the latest in intelligent building features that your structure should not be without.

Advanced Control Corporation has been supporting Florida businesses since 1987 to become more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. We are an industry leader in the design and creation of intelligent building systems that are adaptable to change and can incorporate newer systems as they evolve.  We can create a system for your structure from the ground up, or integrate one into your existing system. You will appreciate all the advantages that intelligent building features have on your overall operation, and also your bottom line.

As a business owner you know the importance of reducing unnecessary operating expenses. You can achieve this goal by incorporating building light control systems into your building’s infrastructure. BMS light control systems enable you to manage and control a significant portion of your building’s energy usage. This feature enables you to control utility costs and also provides security protection for your property, assets and resources, plus your building’s occupants.

Our experts install BMS lighting control systems that provide all of the above intelligent building features. Your managers will have a full range of control to monitor and manage the entire lighting system within every area of your building and outside property. This provides your company with the leverage to lower utility usage and costs, and also provide necessary lighting for security purposes. Building light control systems incorporate lighting for walkways, parking garages and lots, signage, loading docks, entrances and exits, handicap access, and other features.

Security measures are increased because building light control systems aid in deterring criminal activity, burglary and property damage. BMS lighting control systems provide a safer environment for your employees and building visitors, giving them, and you, peace of mind. Some of the intelligent building features of your new lighting system will be integrated into your surveillance and security systems. Advanced Control Corporation can customize a lighting system for your building and property that addresses security needs and vulnerabilities. The ramifications of neglecting to adequately secure your building and property can prove to be too costly.

Your building’s security system utilizes advanced access control, lighting control, and surveillance and intrusion detection technologies that provide protection against any threat, or breach, to security. Customized intelligent building features can include: digital video surveillance, access card readers, RFID scanners, CCTV, biometric scans, and the use of smoke and toxic gas detection devices.

BMS lighting control systems can be easily accessed via an easy graphics interface from one convenient on-site location, or off-site through cloud-based technology. This open communication system allows you and your managers to access and manage every facet of your building’s lighting and other systems.

New technology also utilizes detection devices that are based on sound, vibration and temperature. These devices will detect faulty operating systems within your building’s infrastructure before your building experiences a complete meltdown that can takes weeks to repair. This ensures that production levels remain intact and repairs are kept to a minimum before further damage to mechanical parts is realized.

If you are interested in upgrading your building’s light control system or creating a new one, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.