Building Automation System Benefits 

building automation system benefitsLearn how an intelligent building management system can increase the safety and effectiveness of your property.

Have you considered a building management system (BMS) for your business? Besides improving your bottom line, there are many building automation system benefits that you will derive that will improve system performance and efficiency. Your BMS will operate all your infrastructure systems including monitoring, management, collecting and analyzing data, and much more. An intelligent building management system will alert authorized personnel about any existing problems, malfunctions, and inefficiencies. Your managers will be able to address problems as they develop and avoid system failures that cause a loss of time and productivity.

An intelligent building management system provides systemic strategies that are vital to the proper operation of your infrastructure. Some building management system benefits that you will realize are a reduction in waste and actionable energy usage and conservation. Your managers can assess what areas within a system are not performing effectively by accessing real-time and stored data. This benefit gives your managers the option to schedule repairs or transition the problem. A building management system can significantly save companies up to 30% on their annual utility costs by managing lighting operations and the HVAC system, which are considered the largest energy consumers in commercial structures. Your building’s BMS has the ability to efficiently regulate all system functions while lowering overall operating costs and reducing environmental impact.

Some of the many building automation system benefits that your business will receive include:

  • Schedule lighting controls both on-site and off
  • Monitor access control
  • Apply tenant allocation costs
  • Manage temperature settings and heating/cooling changeovers
  • Initiate lighting and temperature sequences for equipment start-up
  • Monitor zones for occupancy
  • Manage time schedules, setback controls and stop/start time optimization
  • Control indoor air quality, comfort levels, and humidity
  • Manage warm-up and cool-down cycles
  • Monitor toxic gas emissions and smoke detection and control

With an intelligent building management system, your managers can analyze if excess energy is being consumed so that they can take the necessary steps to address the problem. Your building management system software will supervise your building’s total operation including:

  • Lighting and electric power control
  • Plumbing and grey water recycling
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Closed-circuit televisoion (CCTV) plus security and observation
  • PA system
  • Alarm/alert monitors
  • Elevator access control
  • IT data and resources
  • Power structure
  • Engineering systems

An intelligent building management system provides security for your property, building occupants, and business assets such as IT data and resources, plus it addresses all your property’s vulnerability zones. Building automation system benefits include access control to elevators and other areas inside your building to protect against security breaches. A concentrated security system can protect against employee theft and tampering, and also deter criminal activity and damage to your property. Your BMS security system uses advanced access control, plus surveillance and intrusion detection technologies. Building automation system benefits may include the use of RFID scanners, access card readers, CCTV, digital video surveillance, and biometric scans.

A BMS lighting system consists of a sophisticated web of sensors, occupancy controls and scheduling that automatically shuts down lighting during scheduled times of the day or week, and also when areas are unoccupied. Your lighting system manages your building’s interior and also outside walkways, parking garages, loading docks, etc. Your security system works in unison with the lighting control system so that when sensors pick up activity in a specific area, that area will be flooded with light to deter theft and other criminal activity. Alarms can also be incorporated to alert law enforcement and protect building occupants.

If you would like to receive building automation system benefits, our team of experts can create a new system for you, or integrate one into your existing structure. To learn more about our great products and services, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.