Go Green and Save with Energy Saving Systems for Buildings

Energy Saving Systems for BuildingsLet energy savings systems for buildings make your property work more efficiently.

Go green and save money; this is the evolving trend of many businesses today who are implementing energy saving systems for buildings and outside property through an intelligent building management system. Building owners and property managers are discovering how they can secure their property, run their buildings more efficiently and cost-effectively, and also reduce waste and conserve the natural environment. Going green is the new paradigm that is changing the way we operate energy saving systems for buildings, and also lower operating costs.

If you own a business property you can go green too. Advanced Control Corporation has helped many companies go green, obtain LEEDS certification, lower their operating costs, improve sustainability and reduce their environmental footprint. We can incorporate an intelligent building management system into your operation, or create a new one from the ground up. And new technology allows for your BMS system to be flexible and adapt to new systems as they evolve. We are experts in our field and have worked on many green buildings throughout the State of Florida, including governmental structures. As a property owner, you will want our experienced and educated experts creating your intelligent building management system.

There are many benefits that you will reap from our energy saving systems for buildings, especially if your building is operating from an outdated system. There are still many buildings that have inefficient equipment and systems that use excessive and unnecessary amounts of energy. Their performance levels are wanting and this creates additional wear and tear on equipment. An intelligent building management system creates efficiency through the use of sensors and controlled scheduling of all your building’s systems. A scheduling program will allow for the use of energy to be used only at specific times of the day and week. Sensors will shut down lighting when areas within your building are unoccupied. These features alone can save your business up to an estimated 30 percent in annual energy savings. A green BMS system will operate your building’s systems more efficiently than you ever realized before, and it will help preserve your equipment from damage, wear and tear, and system failures.

Intelligent energy saving systems for buildings also helps to improve indoor air quality and comfort levels. Indoor temperature and humidity is controlled by sensors that keep the indoor environment at a safe and comfortable level for building occupants. Research has shown that productivity is improved when indoor temperature and humidity are controlled at comfortable levels. In addition to that, your intelligent building management system will utilize sensors to monitor for CO, CO2 and other pollutants and toxins that may be present in the building. Your BMS system also increases the production of fresh air that is routed through the ventilation systems. Furthermore, your BMS system uses life systems that control and redirect smoke in the event of a fire in the building. The BMS system allows for the redirection of breathable air, making evacuation zones more accessible so that occupants are able to quickly exit the building safely.

Our energy saving systems for buildings also monitor and control your building’s security system. This security system uses advanced access control, plus surveillance and intrusion detection technologies. Your security system can be customized so that it meets the needs of your building and outdoor property, and also addresses vulnerable areas. You will have peace of mind knowing that your building occupants and resources are secure. An intelligent building management system offers many advantages, such as: the use of CCTV, digital video surveillance, RFID scanners, biometric scans, access card readers, smoke and toxic gas detection devices, and lighting control.

Besides keeping your building and occupants comfortable and secure, your BMS system will improve the performance of all your building systems, and lower operational and maintenance costs. When you go green with an intelligent building management system, your company will achieve an estimated savings of up to 15% in overall operating costs annually. We can help your company step into the future with green technology.  If you want to learn more about energy saving systems for buildings, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.