Can You Implement Smart Building Technology in Your Building? (The Answer is Yes)

smart buidling technologyLearn how BMS system software can make your building more efficient and lower costs

Are you interested in smart building technology for your business? Do you realize the many advantages that you can reap from intelligent building systems? You can see an increase in the efficiency and safety of your business by incorporating smart building technology into your existing system. Advanced Control Corporation has been creating intelligent building systems for many years in Florida. We can integrate smart building solutions into your existing infrastructure, or create an entirely new system from the ground up. Our building solutions are adaptable and can fit into your existing system, plus they also allow for new platforms and systems to be added at a later date.

Intelligent building systems improve the efficiency and performance of your overall operation while reducing energy consumption and waste, and realizing a reduction in operating costs. Smart building technology creates a safer, cleaner and more comfortable environment for building occupants and efficiently manages all of your building’s systems, such as:

  • HVAC equipment and optimization
  • Lighting control
  • Chiller plant
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Tenant override
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Production areas
  • Thermal energy storage
  • CO monitoring for parking garages
  • Integration of the Access Control system
  • Identify and card management system]

Your (building management system) BMS system software allows for easy access to view data and manage systems by authorized personnel whether they are on or off site. Your team can analyze and manage every facet of your business infrastructure, whether you have one building or multiple properties. BMS system software utilizes an easy to use graphical interface that can also access outside platforms. Authorized personnel will be able to manage and control systems such as lighting, HVAC, ventilation, security, fire, flood, mechanical, electrical and more through smart building technology.

Another advantage of intelligent building systems is optimizing security for building occupants and tenants, who will be pleased to know that the building they work in is being monitored and controlled to maintain security. Smart building technology utilizes advanced access control, plus surveillance and intrusion detection technologies that provide protection against any threat to security. Advanced Control Corporation can customize your security system so that it addresses the needs of your building and property vulnerabilities, and also secure building occupants and resources. The use of RFID scanners, digital video surveillance, CCTV, access card readers, biometric scans, smoke and toxic gas detection devices, lighting control, and much more are all a part of the many advantages of intelligent building systems.

You will be pleased to know that your smart building technology provides many benefits that will protect your business interests, while significantly cutting operating costs. It will also protect system processes from wear and tear by providing and utilizing sustainable solutions. Well managed intelligent building systems are physically and digitally integrated throughout your building infrastructure to allow for complete access and control of all system operations. Once we design and construct your smart building system, we can educate and train you and your managers in how to understand and operate your BMS system software. We also offer online and on-site instructions and tech support.

Our expertise in the field of building analytics and systems management can offer you a sustainable, efficient, cost-effective intelligent building system. We design systems that are adaptable to change as your business needs evolve or there are new technologies that you wish to integrate into your existing system. New technology can help you create energy usage direction that will save your company time, money and increase the optimal energy performance for your building. We can also design energy conservation techniques for your business, over-see projects and monitor development to ensure that everything is operating at its maximum potential.

Can you implement smart building technology in your building? The answer is yes when it is designed and built by us. To learn more about our intelligent building systems contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.