Ways to Increase Building Efficiency in Your Building

increase building efficiencyLooking to increase building efficiency? Let a building automation system from Advanced Control help.

Energy costs are rising and business-operating budgets are shrinking. How can you increase building efficiency while offsetting budget restraints? The answer is a simple fix when you have an intelligent building management system working for you.  Intelligent building systems integrate all building infrastructure systems to share and adjust to specific data to reduce or stop the expenditure of energy usage in unoccupied areas. Lighting, HVAC, and other resources can drive operating costs sky-high when left running needlessly. An intelligent building management system will monitor and control unnecessary energy usage by lowering settings or shutting down specific areas in your building. Your building will be managed by your programmed specifications to provide:

  1. All systems, controls and data shared and interoperable through your intelligent building management system.
  1. Room occupancy data allows for automatic adjustments to be made in temperature, lighting and airflow when rooms are unoccupied, and also permits local override ability. This will reduce unnecessary energy usage, and increase building efficiency.
  1. Intelligent building systems software integrates all your building’s operations into one easy to use interface that is adaptable to include outside platforms.
  1. Room occupancy data can inform housekeeping staff or maintenance and repair teams when to enter unoccupied rooms to perform their services.
  1. The user interface can inform management about the status of different rooms, departments, areas and zones on your property.
  1. Intelligent building systems provide data on daily electric, gas and water usage so that you can effectively analyze and manage energy consumption. You can increase building efficiency with the use of scheduling, temperature set points and more.
  1. Your intelligent building management system operates cooling units to protect data systems from over-heating, which results in downtime.
  1. Intelligent building systems also manage your building’s power and energy sources, fuel tanks and generators, switch gear operations, and cable management systems.
  1. Access control and security measures provide greater safety for your building, its assets and building occupants.
  1. You can maximize uptime of your IT system by monitoring hardware and other critical points within the IT environment.
  1. Your energy management system can provide monitoring, metering and sub-metering functions that allow managers to gather and analyze data, and make informed decisions regarding your building’s energy activities.
  1. Cloud-based intelligent building systems can remotely control all your building’s energy consumption operations in one user interface. Heating, ventilation and lighting systems can be monitored and controlled whether on or off-site.
  1. You can increase building efficiency and reduce utility expenditures by up to 5% by monitoring and controlling your peak demand and power factor. Your intelligent building management system can indicate when a peak stage is established, and your managers can re-set the start and run-time of equipment to offset the peak demand timing of equipment. By establishing different intervals for equipment start and run-times, you bring down the “average high” cost that utility companies charge during the peak demand time each month.

There are many ways to increase building efficiency, offset utility costs and utilize powerful tools that will provide the necessary data to effectively mange your building’s infrastructure. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in intelligent building solutions that can maximize your building’s efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. Our experts can design a new intelligent building management system for you or integrate one into your existing system. To learn more about our great company, and get the best intelligent building systems in Florida contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.