Elevator Access Control Systems

Learn how elevator access control systems can increase safety in your building.

Elevator Access Control SystemsOwning or managing commercial property is a huge responsibility that involves protecting building occupants, resources and assets. To be on the safe side of the equation, responsible management should utilize a technically advanced security system that monitors and controls all activity within their building and outside. Elevator access control systems are an important part of adding additional security to your interior structure.

The benefits of a good security system are apparent to anyone that manages a municipal or commercial property. These systems integrate elevator security, video surveillance, access control and much more. Business managers have the ability to monitor and control every area of your structure and apply access and restrictions to specific areas as desired. Elevator access control systems also provide security for IT data and resources that are restricted to everyone except authorized personnel. Unauthorized personnel and other building occupants would be prohibited from entering restricted floors where high security is a necessity. Top level resources and meetings could commence without concern of intrusions or security breaches.

Elevator access control also plays an important security measure for tenants in high rise housing structures. A Smart card system could be used to allow access only to floors that are programmed into the data on the card. As a tenant, this means that only you and other neighbors on your floor are allowed to enter that zone. The great advantage of this security measure is that it acts as a deterrent against theft, criminal activity, and property damage, and also removes undesirable transient individuals from entering restricted zones. These principles also apply to commercial buildings where access control can be managed by a system administrator. Elevator access control systems can operate as a singular entity or they can be integrated into building automation systems that unify elevator access control with lighting and surveillance systems. Advanced Control Corporation can create a building automation system for your structure that is flexible and inclusive to system adaptations and expansion.

If you are planning to erect a new structure and want to include the current trends in building automation systems, our design team will work with you to provide your business with the necessary requirements, while also considering your budget.  Building automation systems offer many great benefits such as:

  1. Reducing energy usage and waste
  2. Lowering operational costs
  3. Streamlining business operation
  4. Securing physical, digital and logistical resources
  5. Providing safe and comfortable indoor air quality to building inhabitants
  6. Monitoring all indoor and outdoor activity
  7. Utilizing CCTV surveillance systems
  8. HVAC system monitoring and management
  9. Alert for dangerous gas emissions
  10. Provide smoke evacuation systems

Building automation systems can easily be accessed by authorized personnel through one easy to use graphics interface. Every aspect of your building’s operation, including electrical, mechanical, HVAC and security systems can be accessed via Ethernet, mobile or tablet devices whether managers are on-site or off. You can have peace of mind knowing that you can manage and control all aspects of your building operation wherever you are in the world.

As a leader in designing, erecting and integrating building automation systems, Advanced Control Corporation has moved many Florida structures into the twenty-first century. We have worked on important government projects throughout the State where we have applied green building practices. We also use many recycled building materials and apply sustainable, environmentally friendly principles in our building projects. If you are a building owner who is interested in LEEDS certification for your property, we can effectively transition your current system by integrating new applications that comply with LEEDS requirements. Our purpose and intent is to assist you in creating the most efficient, cost-effective and safe structures.

We provide technologically advanced building automation systems that include elevator access control and much more. Our experts can create the ideal elevator access control system that is suitable to your business needs and building safety. To begin planning your new system contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.