South Florida HVAC Control System

A South Florida HVAC Control System can help keep you and your operating budget cool this summer!

South Florida HVAC Control SystemWith energy costs on the rise, it is imperative that businesses take advantage of a South Florida HVAC control system. Your building automation system should be able to provide a cost-effective, energy efficient business environment that can adapt to future changes in infrastructure. Your HVAC system should be an integrated part of your building automation system. Advanced Control Corporation has been outfitting business with our adaptable Andover building automation system. Your HVAC and security systems can be integrated into a smart building automation system that is flexible, scalable and programmable.

When you choose an Andover building automation system you will be able to meet all of your present and future management requirements. The versatility of this system is unique in that it unifies all of your building’s systems into one open standard, flexible operation that is able to communicate with third-party systems.  Your Andover system can significantly reduce expensive wiring costs because it operates as an Andover Continuum Wireless BACnet solution. Your system provides open communications on all levels so that you can access scheduling, trending, data sharing, alarming, and other device management services. Your Andover building automation system easily interoperates with systems outside the BACnet protocol without the use of converters, providing you and your operators with the highest level of interoperability.

A South Florida HVAC control system incorporates temperature control, access control, and lighting control to offer you complete management of all these systems working in unison. Your HVAC system will lower your building’s energy consumption by the supervision and preservation of set temperature points. It will monitor and manage air quality and safety, ventilation, comfort levels, odors and dangerous gases, smoke evacuation and temperature control. Your lighting control operates through schedules, sensors and zone controls to turn off lighting in unoccupied areas of your building. And, access control permits or denies: entry to specified areas within your building, and access to resources.

Advanced Control Corporation’s HVAC technology can help you increase your building’s energy efficiency by accurately monitoring specified temperature points, and maintaining comfort levels throughout your structure. Your managers will be able to access, store and analyze data from meters and sensors to enhance and manage energy usage. Plus your managers can access archived data or real-time data of every system in your building. These features are necessary to enable you to analyze and determine if there are failures or malfunctions in each operating system. Your managers can determine if security, lighting or HVAC systems are not being used efficiently in specified areas of your structure. Areas can be on or off-site and can include: conference rooms, elevators, washrooms, closets, loading docks, parking garages, walkways and building entrances. By being able to identify problems through your building automation system, you can streamline and reduce unnecessary waste, address poor performance or failures, and lower operating costs.

Your Andover building automation system controller integrates with Continuum CyberStation and the web, to provide dynamic graphical displays for analyzing alarm systems in real time. Your managers can control, modify or change set points and alarm thresholds and operating modes. Global access can be achieved via Ethernet port or other support systems with a standard browser, whether you are on or off-site. You and your managers will love the ease of use and flexibility of your Andover building automation system.

We can customize a building automation system that meets your business needs and goals. To learn more about our great company, and get the best South Florida HVAC control system contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.