Ways to Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Looking for ways to make your business energy efficient? We’ve got a few smart ideas!

Ways to Make Your Office More Energy EfficientThere are many ways to make your business energy efficient when you install a building automation system. You can improve the comfort and safety level of building occupants, reduce energy usage and waste, lower operating costs, and enhance the performance of all your building’s systems. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in Florida that integrates energy, environmental, security and safety systems into one easily managed operation. We can design, install and support your building’s automation system to provide multiple ways to make your business energy efficient.

A building automation system is a vital part of your operation and can be managed from one convenient location. Managers will be able to access and control all your building systems through one easy interface. We can upgrade or replace systems, or integrate new systems into existing ones. We can customize a building automation system that meets your business requirements and budget. You can have cost-effective, energy saving features when you have a building automation system working for you. Installing a building automation system is how to reduce energy consumption in business because it manages all building systems, such as:

  1. Lighting control features include scheduling days and times for lighting to be turned on or shut down in specific areas or zones, such as parking garages, loading docks and building walkways and entrances. The utilization of sensors allows lighting to go on when an area is occupied and to shut off when an area is unoccupied. Lighting control motion sensors serve as a security measure when intruders enter no-access areas by flooding the areas with light. Alerts and alarms can also be installed as a part of this security measure. Your lighting control system will significantly lower your operating costs by removing unnecessary energy usage.
  1. Energy saving tips at work should always include a utility monitoring and power usage system. Your utility monitoring system is managed through the use of metering, sub-metering and monitoring dashboards that allow access to real time data for analysis, and to identify and correct inefficiencies. You will be able to scale down energy usage, eliminate waste, improve performance and increase the lifetime of your systems by managing every aspect of energy utilization. Your building will operate at its peak level of performance when your systems are streamlined and managed correctly.
  1. HVAC systems control air quality and safety by removing pollutants, offensive odors and harmful gases through an innovative ventilation system. Air comfort levels, humidity, heating and air conditioning are also controlled through the HVAC system, and your system also includes tenant override features. Your air quality control system is also able to identify and remove CO, CO2 and NO2 gases in buildings and parking garages to ensure the safety of occupants.
  1. Water recycling is another of our energy saving tips at work. Grey water can be collected, treated and re-routed to use for toilet flushing, cooling towers and outdoor surface irrigation. Storm and rain water can also be collected to use for the same purposes.

Your building automation system can be accessed and managed from anywhere by incorporating web and cloud-based technology. You and your managers can use browser-based software on their tablet or smart phone to access your building automation system. Having a building automation system is how to reduce energy consumption in business. Estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report that about one-third of energy consumed by commercial buildings is wasted. Unnecessary and inefficient lighting, heating and cooling systems account for unnecessary energy consumption in unoccupied areas alone. Upgrading one system will not prove to be viable; the entire system must be integrated to work as a whole to gather all information and manage each system accordingly.

These are energy saving tips at work that will improve efficiency, eliminate waste and advance overall system performance. Advanced Control Corporation knows how to reduce energy consumption in business, and we can help you improve all your building’s system and save money too. To learn more ways to make your business energy efficient contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.