Security Camera Systems for Business

Increase safety and security with CCTV security camera systems for business with Advanced Control

Security Camera Systems for BusinessIs your building safe? Are all your assets as guarded as they could be? You can improve your building’s overall occupant safety and asset protection, plus gain peace of mind when you have a security automation system working for you. If your commercial building is a public space where visitors can come and go, you are open to any type of intrusion and danger. With security camera systems for business you can monitor, manage and circumvent any problems that have the potential of occurring. The power is in your hands to protect your building, property and occupants both inside and out of your building.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in intelligent building design and solutions that generates top-tier efficiency, cost-effective savings on energy costs, environmental conservation and security control. We can help you build a comprehensive office building security system that utilizes closed circuit security cameras and access control solutions. You can create a protected environment inside your building, and also provide safety measures outside your building along walkways, entrances and exits, parking garages and lots, loading docks etc. Every space on your property can be monitored and managed from one convenient central location, or via internet, mobile or tablet access whenever you are off-site.

Closed-circuit security camera systems are vital to the protection of public, private and commercial buildings where visitors have easy access to enter and leave. Any open environment can be a target for criminal activity, including kidnapping, shootings and other types of violent activity. Your building could also be an easy target for theft or damage to property. Sometimes employees, or others, are known to steal your IT data and equipment. Your office building security systems can address and prevent all these potential problems from happening. Are you ready to ramp up your building’s security system? If you are, you will receive many security benefits through such solutions as:

CCTV security systems for business provide the recording and monitoring of closed circuit television (CCTV) images as a surveillance method. A variety of camera options are available including: Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Network, Thermal imaging, Fixed position and License plate capture. These systems provide:

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras eliminate any blind-spots because they can move in any direction.
  • Fixed position cameras can be mounted anywhere and their swivel heads are adjustable. These cameras are excellent for viewing large areas like garages etc.
  •  License plate capture cameras utilize high-tech optical character recognition to secure license late numbers of every vehicle that enters and leaves your property.
  • Thermal imaging cameras detect temperature changes and can be used inside and outside your property.

Office building security systems should include Access Control Systems that will permit or deny access to any specific area in your building, or any special resource. Access control and elevator access control can deny visitors access to secure areas in your building, or close off areas in times of an emergency. They can also deny access to IT equipment and other resources.

CCTV Recorders have the ability to monitor, record, display, and organize all footage of your camera images. This function provides you with permanent recordings of all activity occurring on your property, and is legally admissible as evidence. We provide a variety of CCTV recording solutions such as: Digital Video Recording (DVR), Network Video Recording (NVR), Hybrid Video Recording (HVR) and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

Don’t leave the security of your building, its assets and occupants to chance. You can build a new CCTV security system for business, or upgrade your existing one. We can help you avoid loss and liability by creating a comprehensive security system for your business. To learn more about our great company and security camera systems for business contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.