Intelligent Building Management Systems in South Florida

The importance of Intelligent Building Management Systems in South Florida

Building Management Systems in South FloridaWith record –breaking hot temperatures and energy costs on the rise, the need for intelligent building management systems in South Florida is at an all-time high. In most commercial buildings, energy costs account for nearly 29 percent of the operating budget. That figure may be even higher for commercial buildings in South Florida, where excessive heat and humidity put an increased demand on cooling and ventilation systems. Intelligent building management systems can provide relief from outsized energy costs. Through automated environmental controls that reduce energy waste while creating a comfortable building environment, intelligent building management systems can lower energy costs and make commercial buildings more profitable for owners in South Florida and elsewhere.

How intelligent building management systems work

If you are not familiar with intelligent building technology, you may be wondering “What is intelligent building management systems?” Intelligent building management systems use building automation solutions to network all the electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a commercial building into an integrated whole. This allows the management system to leverage information from all the various systems to make the building operate at peak efficiency, without wasting energy or resources unnecessarily. Some of the benefits of intelligent building technology that are of particular value to building owners in South Florida include improved climate control and lowered energy costs.

Improved climate control

The last three years were the hottest on record, and scientists expect that trend to continue. In South Florida, where humidity is high and temperatures are already above 90 degrees for several months every year, commercial building owners need an economical, efficient way to keep their facilities cool and comfortable for tenants. An intelligent building management system can automatically adjust the cooling, HVAC, and ventilation systems to maintain precise temperature set points when occupants are in the building. Tenants working different shift schedules can make use of afterhours scheduling features through their cell phone or tablet to adjust the cooling and HVAC so the building is comfortable by the time they arrive, without wasting energy cooling an empty structure.

Lowered energy costs

Cooling, ventilation, and lights account for 62 percent of electricity use in commercial buildings, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That figure may be even higher for South Florida building owners, because the excessive heat and humidity of the local climate places increased demands on cooling systems. As much as 30% to 40% of this electricity usage is unnecessary, wasted on climate control in areas of the building that are unoccupied.

Intelligent building management systems can use motion sensors, RFID scanners, and other occupancy sensors to detect when an area of a commercial building becomes unoccupied. Once the area is empty, building automation solutions activate automated energy conservation controls that turn off the lights and adjust the HVAC and ventilation system. Eliminating this wasted energy can save South Florida building owners as much as 30% in energy costs.

Other benefits that intelligent building management systems offer South Florida building owners include enhanced security, increased tenant appeal, and greater sustainability. If you are interested in installing an intelligent building management system in your commercial building, Advanced Control Corporation can help. We have been an industry leader in providing smart building management systems in South Florida since 1987. Whether you are building a new structure or performing a retrofit on an existing building, Advanced Control Corporation will incorporate the latest intelligent building technology to design a building automation solution that exceeds your expectations.

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