How a Building Management System Works

Learn how a building management system works and how it can help your business succeed

Building Management SystemOne of the best resources your company can have is a fully integrated building management system. And once you understand how a building management system works you will understand why it is so vital to the success of your business. Advanced Control Corporation can offer your company a variety of building management solutions to help you effectively monitor and manage every area of your business operation so that you are in control and nothing is left to chance.

Your business can operate at its peak performance level and increase productivity when you install an integrated building automation system. Your system provides cost-effective solutions and services that are controlled only by authorized personnel. A building management system incorporates many separate functions within your building, such as:


  1. The interconnection of all systems networked to distribute and exchange data through a single interface that is quick, easy, transparent and effective. Good communication connectivity of all your systems is integrated into one building management system for easy, interactive control. Advanced Control can integrate any system that is operating outside of the network so that all systems and operators are connected. We work with an adjustable design so that future expansion and realignment of any system can be easily adapted.


  1. Your building management system allows you to monitor and control each electrical and mechanical component in your operation, and is built in compliance with building requirements and government regulations. Your system provides green technology for energy conservation and environmental sustainability. We also build LEEDS certified systems for companies who are environmentally conscious.


  1. Temperature control is a primary concern of any building for a number of reasons. Your building management system is cost-effective to reduce waste and save money by controlling energy consumption in different areas throughout the building. It also keeps the indoor air quality comfortable and safe from humidity, mold, dust, gases and other toxins. Your system provides data that receives, stores and analyzes energy usage so that operators can pinpoint problem areas and offer solutions.


  1. Smoke evacuation systems are vital to the safety of your employees and other visitors in your building. This system is required for atrium-covered shopping malls, high-rise buildings and other specified properties by local and State fire codes and laws. A smoke evacuation system identifies where the smoke originates from and controls the movement of the smoke so it does not reach exit areas and other safe zones within the building. Your system is designed to alert building inhabitants and save lives.


  1. Utility monitoring is also controlled by building management systems by providing access and control through metering, sub-metering and dashboards. Advanced Control offers you and your staff education and tech support to understand and use all of your utility monitoring systems.


  1. A building security system should be integrated within your building automation system. You can manage one or multiple building sites on your property at the same time. You will be able to secure IT data and equipment from hackers, employee tampering or theft, break-ins and others criminal activity. Your security system will manage access control, intrusion detection and digital video surveillance. Security measures include elevator access control, monitoring visitor activity and preventing secure areas from being breached. Closed circuit television (CCTV) and recording solutions are also a part of your security package in your building management system.


Advanced Control Corporation will help you control every facet of your business. We work within your budget and devise strategies that meet your specific needs and goals. To learn more about how a building management system works contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.