Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Increase security and efficiency with commercial lighting control systems from Advanced Control

Commercial Lighting Control SystemsLooking to upgrade your property into a more efficient, secure environment? You can upgrade your commercial property by integrating commercial lighting control systems into your building management system. By integrating your system, your building operators will be able to easily access and manage all lighting control structures in your buildings. Advanced Control Corporation can help you integrate all your systems into one cohesive operation.

Your building lighting control system can manage all equipment switching applications so that your operators can manage time of day, and day of week control within and outside of your buildings. Your facility’s lighting can be controlled from a centralized time clock to manage each lighting circuit throughout your facility. Whether you are building a new structure or would like to incorporate a commercial lighting control system in an existing structure, Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with the necessary changes.

Incorporating a lighting control system for buildings into your building management system is a vital factor in your property’s security. It is an important preventive measure that has low installation and operation costs yet can save you immeasurably in monies lost through burglary, theft, damage and personal protection. The physical security of your property and personnel should be high on your priority list. A building lighting control system can provide you with the security you desire by utilizing motion sensors and light level sensors. These are stand-alone security measures that provide an affordable physical defense in protecting your assets and personnel. Motion sensors will indicate when someone or something has entered a specific area. The smart technology utilized in the motion sensors will illuminate the breached area to alarm the intruder, plus your motion sensor cameras can capture all the activity. Your building lighting control system sensors can also read the changes in daylight and adjust the lighting in specific areas, while providing great security for your building because intruders are deterred by well-lit entryways and passageways.

A smart commercial lighting control system can manage illumination in any specific area of your building. Lighting can be turned on or shut off depending on what is programmed into the system. You may want to shut down some or all lighting after work hours or on the weekend when your building is unoccupied. Lighting sensors can always turn on the lights if there is any motion detected. You or your authorized personnel will be able to program and manage your lighting control system whether you are on or off the property. An integrated system will provide you with a cost-effective solution to the high cost of energy usage, by lowering your electric bills, which can eat up a large part of your profit. With energy costs continually rising, it is a smart idea to control and manage your building’s lighting system.

Intelligent building solutions can integrate all your building’s electrical, mechanical and security control systems in one unified system that you can operate on or off-site through a web-based automation system. You can access data from occupancy sensors and hardware and software components to initiate a quick response to any problem area within your building. You can monitor and control the security of your building’s environment when you are off-site. Your building lighting control system is just one facet of the many intelligent building solutions available to you from Advanced Control Corporation. With advancements in technology increasing rapidly, you will have greater control over energy efficiency and cost-effective operating costs.

Advanced Control Corporation can help you create an efficient commercial lighting control system for your business. Our professional team is fully trained, experienced and educated in all building management systems, and we are capable of managing your system or training your personnel to do it themselves.

At Advanced Control, we are an industry leader in building management systems and we also offer LEEDS certification to those who are interested in saving money by building with new green technology. We can help you reduce waste and lower energy usage with a commercial lighting control system that will also benefit you in providing security to your building and personnel. To learn more about how you can improve your building’s lighting system contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.