South Florida Intelligent Building Trends 2017

Discover which South Florida Intelligent building trends will be seen in 2017 and beyond

South Florida Intelligent Building Trends 2017IoT (Internet of Things), cloud-based software as a service, and cyber security are on track to be the dominant South Florida intelligent building trends for 2017.  In the coming year, it appears that intelligent building technology will work to improve South Florida building owners’ profitability in several key ways. IoT analytics should open the way for South Florida building owners to improve their customer service without having to make additional investments in infrastructure. Cloud-based SaaS will help building owners create pared-down customized building management solutions that have only the specific services they really need. And advanced cyber security measures should make South Florida building owners and their tenants more secure.  Let’s take a look at what the latest intelligent building trends have to offer South Florida in 2017.

IoT increases customer satisfaction and improves bottom lines

The occupancy sensors, monitoring devices, and other technologies in intelligent buildings that currently provide energy efficiency measures and security will become more multi-dimensional and enable business owners to increase in customer satisfaction. By applying IoT (Internet of things)-enabled analytics, the information that building sensors already collect about foot traffic can be used to guide product placement, direct traffic flow, and store design to increase customer satisfaction and generate higher sales.

Cloud based intelligent building software as a service (SaaS)

Many South Florida commercial building owners are only interested in specific capabilities of intelligent building systems. They don’t need or want an entire building automation system to run their facility; instead they simply want a sophisticated, full facility security system or advanced lighting and HVAC control without the expense of a full BAS. Expect cloud based intelligent building software services to take center stage in 2017, as building owners turn to these services so they can choose the specific intelligent building capabilities they want. By bundling the services they desire, building owners can create a compact, customized building management solution that meets their exact needs and budgetary guidelines.

Cyber Security will become a priority

Cyber security has been an area of concern for the intelligent building sector for some time, but awareness of the need to eliminate building automation vulnerabilities from hackers has become more urgent as we move into 2017. As the number and complexity of systems that intelligent buildings manage continue to grow, so does the amount of damage that could be inflicted upon a building by an unscrupulous hacker.

Incidents of cyber-attacks on commercial and governmental building have increased drastically over the past few years, and the latest hacking scandal during the election seems like further evidence that cyber security will be a top priority in 2017 and beyond. In intelligent buildings, the computer data systems of occupants and tenants are increasingly tied in with the building automation systems that run all of the essential infrastructure systems such as the lights, HVAC, etc. A cyber-attack launched against a building’s systems could end up compromising the data and cyber security of every company on the premises.

Advanced Control Corporation installs intelligent building technology that incorporates the latest cybersecurity measures in South Florida commercial buildings to ensure our clients’ building operations and data remain uncompromised. Advanced Control will continue to incorporate the latest technology as it develops, to ensure you have the most technologically advanced and secure building management solution available.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits South Florida intelligent building  trends can bring to your business’s facility in 2017? The expert technicians at Advanced Control Corporation can create a customized intelligent building management solution that incorporates the latest cyber-security measures and intelligent building trends to give you complete control of your facility. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover how intelligent building management technology can transform the way you manage your building’s operations.