How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Business

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Business: Energy saving tips

How to Reduce Energy Consumption in BusinessWith energy costs continuing to rise, reining in energy consumption doesn‘t just make good environmental sense, it makes good business sense, too. If you are wondering how to reduce energy consumption in business, the answer is simple: start improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a proven, highly effective way for businesses to reduce the amount of energy they consume. It’s also incredibly cost-effective.

Simply by using energy more efficiently, some businesses have managed to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 35 percent, without negatively affecting performance or occupant comfort. Another way of saying this is that as much as 35 cents of every dollar your business spends on energy use in your commercial building may be wasted through inefficiencies. If you are ready to stop throwing away money on energy waste, we have some energy saving tips that can help! 

Improve building performance

Installing or retrofitting your building with the latest energy management solution tops our list of energy saving tips for businesses. A powerful building automation system is the most comprehensive method of reducing your energy usage. Advanced Control Corporation can install an energy management solution that makes it easy to perform energy audits to identify areas where the building systems are performing poorly. The solutions reduce energy consumption by making sure that every component of the building works at peak efficiency.

Reduce energy waste

Outfitting your building with occupancy sensors can significantly reduce your energy usage. These sensors work seamlessly with your energy management solution, which can use the information they relay to automatically turn off lights when occupants leave an area. Simply integrating occupancy sensors can save you between 15 and 30 percent on lighting costs! Your HVAC and cooling systems can be programmed to turn off when an area is unoccupied also, yielding further savings.

Optimize energy use

Utility monitoring dashboards and graphical user interface software can provide you with the data you need to be proactive in devising new strategies to optimize energy use. Don’t worry if you’re not up on the latest energy metering protocols – Advanced Control can outfit you with solutions that feature simple software navigation and programming tools with dashboards and grids that make energy consumption easy to understand. You will be able to effortlessly interpret your energy data and in , track, and control all of your building management systems to optimize energy use from any location.

Small business energy efficiency solutions

Think your building is too small to benefit from an energy management solution? Think again! Owners of small or mid-size businesses can incorporate small business energy efficiency solutions that significantly reduce their energy consumption. Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with solutions that are sized for facilities ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 square feet. These solutions are scalable so they can keep pace as your business expands.

Now is the time to improve your building’s energy efficiency and your bottom line! If you are ready to start reducing energy consumption at your business and want to learn how to reduce energy consumption in business, the knowledgeable technicians at Advanced Control Corporation can customize an energy management solution that incorporates temperature control, lighting control, and power monitoring. We’ll help you reduce your energy usage and start you on the path to higher building energy efficiency. Contact Advanced at 954-491-6660 to discover all the benefits our intelligent building systems have to offer!