Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

4 tips that will help your business save energy

Energy Saving Tips for BusinessesAre you looking for ways to save energy at your business? It seems that business owners everywhere are searching for ways to make their companies more energy efficient. Rising energy costs and the need to reduce our carbon footprint have business owners searching for ways to reduce the amount of energy they use. Since nearly 29 percent of the operating expenses of an average commercial building are spent on utilities, the drive to become more energy efficient is not surprising. Fortunately, we have some effective energy saving tips for businesses that can help you lower your energy usage by as much as 30 percent.


Energy Saving Tip #1: Install a building energy management system

According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, cooling, lighting, and ventilation account for 62 percent of electricity use in commercial buildings. As much as 30 percent of that energy use is wasted providing environmental controls in areas that are unoccupied. Business owners can eliminate this energy waste by installing building energy management systems that use building automation systems (BAS) to integrate all the electrical and mechanical systems in the building. Once the various control systems in the building are integrated, the systems work more efficiently, eliminating unnecessary energy use. Building automation can also adjust environmental controls automatically, improving the energy efficiency of the facility.


Energy Saving Tip #2: Employ lighting controls

Lighting control can reduce the amount of energy used by businesses by as much as 25%. Time and zone controls can shut lights off according to a set schedule, so your business does not have to rely on employees to remember to switch off lights when they leave for the day.


A building automation can also provide advanced lighting control using occupancy sensors. When RFID scanners, motion detectors, elevator access controls, and other occupancy sensors are placed throughout your business, the building automation system registers when occupants exit the area. Once a section of your facility is unoccupied, the building automation system automatically adjusts the environmental controls in that area, turning off lights to reduce energy usage.


Energy Saving Tip #3: Use temperature controls

Using the scheduling features of building automation systems, building owners can lower the amount of energy their HVAC system uses by programming the equipment to turn on and off at set times during the day or week. Occupancy sensors can refine temperature control further, making it more effective and responsive.


Energy Saving Tip #4: Monitor Power Usage and Utilities

The sophisticated building automation software used by Advanced Control’s building energy management systems can help businesses rein in out of control energy usage by ensuring the building operates at peak efficiency.  Our systems employ the latest utility monitoring dashboards and advanced energy management software to track and optimize energy use. Sub-metering capabilities can help buildings with more than one tenant track and monitor energy usage on an individual level.

If you are ready to start saving energy at your building, the knowledgeable technicians at Advanced Control Corporation can  customize an energy management solution that incorporates temperature control, lighting control, and power monitoring to reduce your energy usage and start you on the path to higher building energy efficiency. Contact Advanced at 954-491-6660 to discover all the benefits our intelligent building systems have to offer!