Commercial Lighting Control Systems

The benefits of commercial lighting control systems

Commercial Lighting Control SystemsCommercial lighting control systems can significantly lower operating costs for building owners, improve the building’s working environment, and enhance the security of the facility and tenants. Commercial lighting control systems are rapidly evolving, gaining capabilities that can greatly benefit building owners. Automated home lighting systems are one of the most popular home purchases this year, eagerly sought by homeowners who want to lower costs and make their homes more efficient. Commercial lighting control systems are available that are far more advanced than these home systems. Using a sophisticated network of sensors, occupancy controls, and automated systems, these modern lighting control systems can greatly enhance the energy efficiency and security of facilities of all sizes.

Energy efficiency and commercial lighting control systems

Lighting accounts for almost half of the energy used in commercial buildings, a whopping 40 percent, according to the US Energy Department. An estimated 30 percent of that energy is wasted on lighting areas that are unoccupied. Commercial lighting control systems can help reduce the amount of energy wasted on unnecessary lighting usage, greatly improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

The most advanced commercial lighting control systems work as part of a comprehensive building automation system. The lighting control system relies on motion sensors, RFID scanners, and other occupancy sensors that are installed throughout the facility to keep track of whether an area is in use at any given time.  Once the sensors verify that an area is unoccupied, time and zone controls are used to turn off the lights in the areas of your building that are empty, eliminating a major source of wasted energy.

Security and commercial lighting control systems

Stand-alone lighting control systems can provide affordable loss prevention protection for remote facilities. Light sensors can turn on lights when areas become dim, so doorways, windows, and other areas of vulnerability are illuminated. Motion sensors that use smart technology can detect when objects or individuals enter an area, and turn on lights and/or alarms to chase off intruders. Sensitivity controls can be adjusted as needed.

Advances in commercial lighting control systems

The latest commercial lighting systems can all be controlled remotely over the Internet.  Building owners can use smartphones, tablets, or laptops to take remote command of their lighting controls, adjusting occupancy, scheduling, dimming, and other controls at any time, from any location that has Internet access. Commercial buildings that have multiple tenants can include tenant override technology in their lighting control systems that allow tenants to use their smartphones to override the lighting, HVAC, and temperature controls that have been set. This is particularly useful with tenants who keep atypical business hours, so they can arrive at a building that is well-lit and comfortable no matter what schedule they keep.

The latest commercial lighting control systems include innovations like optional Fast Ethernet-based control that harnesses the openness of a building’s existing Ethernet backbone, sharing data between controllers at blindingly fast speeds. Enhanced options are available for larger industrial and commercial facilities, including ready access to panel status and configuration screens via an integral web server, alarm notification services, and more.

Commercial lighting control system installation

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