Building Analytics for Hospitals 

How building analytics for hospitals can improve operation spending and efficiency

Building Analytics for Hospitals Did you know that the latest building analytics for hospitals can vastly improve facilities’ efficiency so they realize significant energy and operational savings?  Modern hospitals rely on building automation systems to oversee operations and make sure all systems in the facility operate correctly.  These systems enable hospitals to function well on a day-to-day basis, but behind the scenes, inefficiencies and unseen maintenance issues begin accumulating. Over time, these inefficiencies can negatively affect the performance of health facilities, potentially costing them thousands of dollars in wasted energy. The latest cloud-based building analytics software accumulates data on systems’ performance, converting the information into actionable intelligence that hospitals can use to identify and correct maintenance issues, improving efficiency and lowering energy and operational costs.

Advanced Control Corporation provides hospitals with building analytics as an advanced lifecycle managed service, integrated at the cloud and web levels. Our proprietary software system, VAO, uses automated system based diagnostics to identify hidden inefficiencies and system degradations. Once it finds any problems, the system makes recommendations on how to mitigate these problems and optimize operational performance.

 Take advantage of your hospital’s data

Advanced Control’s building analytics software captures data points from all the control systems connected through the hospital’s building automation system. This includes air handling units, central plant pumps, towers, chillers, valves, and the zone and terminal units that control flow, temperature, and humidity. Every few minutes the information is sent to our cloud-based storage system, which features cross-platform data integration that tracks performance over time.

Find inefficiencies and hidden costs

The cloud-based system continuously monitors and diagnoses the hospital building’s performance,  using artificial intelligence to process the building data.  Analysis provides real-time comparison to the previous year’s energy consumption, analyzing the sequence of operation improvements and system trends, identifying discrepancies.

Identify improvements

Once the data reaches Advanced Control’s cloud-based system, our advanced analytics engine uses artificial intelligence to process the building data, continuously monitoring and diagnosing your facility’s performance. The AI analyzes the sequence of operation improvements, identifing any equipment and system faults, system trends, and energy usage. Our system instantly sends you an alarm if any immediate concerns are noted, so you can organize internal and contract resources to perform any needed repairs.

Optimize operational performance

Our VAO cloud-based building analytics software uses automated fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) and other diagnostic measures to produce ranked recommendations. Building managers can access daily reports of automated diagnostics that contain key performance data on the facility, pinpointing any irregularities and indicating out-of-range building consumption. Avoidable costs are identified, along with impacts on building comfort. Advanced Control’s expert analytics team reviews the prioritized findings and makes recommendations specific to your hospital’s requirements and operational needs.

Reduce energy expenditures

The prioritized recommendations give you an increased awareness of factors that may affect the performance of your hospital facility. The actionable intelligence provides advanced notice of needed repairs, so you can perform HVAC retrofits and other system enhancements to uncover hidden savings. You have the knowledge you need to make informed building decisions and proactively manage your hospital’s operations more efficiently.

If you are ready to start enjoying an increased level of building efficiency at your hospital, Advanced Control Corporation is here to help. Our building analytics service can improve operations at your facility whether you need building analytics for hospitals or building analytics for business. Advanced Control provides cost-effective building automation and control solutions for major commercial, institutional, and industrial clients across Florida.

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