South Florida Intelligent Building Trends of 2016

Take a look back at South Florida Intelligent Building Trends of 2016

 intelligent building trendsSouth Florida has had an active year in the Intelligent Building sector of industry. New trends and innovations in the field saw a growing interest in 2016. Intelligent building design’s purpose is to create more efficient, energy saving, cost-effective structures that benefit both their company and the surrounding environment. Going “green” has been one of the popular trends that have taken hold in many communities across South Florida. It isn’t about building bigger or taller, it’s about building smarter.

There is a growing trend for building integrated automation systems within structures that helps you monitor and control every aspect of your systems operations. You will be able to maximize efficiency, productivity and performance while reducing waste and excess energy usage. An integrated automation system helps you maintain the integrity of each component of operation, enabling you to regulate every sub-system to operate at its peak performance level. Your system will monitor and control many areas of your operation including:

 intelligent building systemsThe benefits of intelligent building will have a positive impact on the land, coast, air, and water of South Florida improving the environment for healthier living. An air quality control system in your building allows you to direct all operations that involve safer indoor air quality inside your building, and also outdoor areas. Some of the considerations that your system will manage are:

  • Air ventilation and circulation
  • Dust and other pollutants
  • Mold spores
  • CO2 emissions
  • Heating, cooling and humidity

Great advances have been made in utility monitoring systems for retail and commercial buildings. Advanced Control Corporation can help you build an intelligent building management system that will enable you to monitor and control energy consumption within your budget. Your utility monitoring system will monitor energy usage and identify problems, enabling your to correct inefficiencies where needed. New innovative technology allows you to collect data from real time as it is being retrieved through sub-metering dashboards within the system.

Energy conservation is a growing global concern that has been integrated into intelligent building design trends. By implementing an energy conservation project into your intelligent building design, you will be able to maximize energy usage while lowering energy costs. Energy conservation systems can be customized to meet your business needs and are also flexible enough to adapt and change to meet new criteria or adapt to new technological advances. Your system will be able to adapt to future unexpected challenges in energy conservation.

Other new and exciting trends that entered the intelligent building market in 2016 include:

  • Energy-asset buildings through the energy cloud
  • Building adaptation to climate change policy
  • Optimized HVAC
  • On-site energy resources
  • Data-driven energy management
  • Lighting re-invention
  • Hardware and software analytics for buildings
  • Grid-integrated buildings
  • Intelligent building water management systems
  • Developing smart cities with intelligent buildings
  • Outsourced energy management
  • Cyber security innovation

Newer developments are changing intelligent building systems into optimal performance, conservation intended, and cost effective dynamic centers of operation. Technological advances are being made in data-acquisition devices and IT and traditional building automation systems that will create a new, improved menu of business operations. Cloud computing will expand in intelligent building trends because they are secure, scalable and open platforms that are sustainable to current operations and continuing trends.

South Florida’s intelligent building trends reflect vast and wide open room to improve every area of building operations and energy conservation. Trends cover much more ground than what has been discussed here and continue to grow as research and development continues. City and State policies are changing with a demand for more intelligent building solutions to conserve energy and the environment. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in South Florida helping hundreds of companies adapt to the intelligent building market. If you are one of those companies that need to upgrade your systems to an energy efficient, cost-effective intelligent operation, we are the company that can implement the necessary changes.

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