Office Building Security Systems

Maintain a secure building environment for your tenants with our office building security systems

Office Building Security SystemsThe security challenges that office buildings present have become increasingly complex in recent years. In order to provide a secure office environment for tenants, building owners must concern themselves with information security as well as physical security. Modern office buildings rely on computerized building automation systems that control virtually all the critical systems within the facility. The increased use of open protocols has made building automation systems easier to manage and integrate, but it has also rendered building computer networks more vulnerable to hackers and outside threats. In order to protect the people, equipment, and data on their premises, building owners need to incorporate the latest surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection technologies into their building automation systems. By addressing all the possible areas of security vulnerability, owners can create comprehensive office building security systems that blanket their facilities in protection.

Advance Control Corporation specializes in creating sophisticated, scalable commercial building security systems that move beyond basic security technology. We understand that the “one size fits all” mentality falls short when it comes to office building security, because the needs of different industries vary so widely. Our security experts can help you select the specific protection components you need to meet your needs, creating a customized security automation solution that you can monitor in real time on the premises or access remotely from anywhere that has internet connectivity. The security automation solution you choose for your office building can contain any or all of the following security system components:

Access Control

Access control is a critical security component, whether you have tenants from multiple companies sharing space in your office building or a single business inhabiting your entire facility. Building access control software works with card readers, RFID scanners, and other occupancy controls such as biometric scans to restrict access to resources and specified areas in your building to approved personnel. This security measure can protect your tenants’ property and data and reduce instances of employee theft.

Elevator Access Control In multi-tenant office buildings, controlling access to individual floors can eliminate critical areas of vulnerability. Incorporating elevator access control into your security automation solution in your commercial building can help protect your tenants’ privacy, reduce instances of undesirable traffic, and eliminate building damage from vandalism.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV and digital video surveillance solutions allow you to monitor all areas of your commercial building so you can address security problems as soon they begin to develop. Using a combination of CCTV camera types, including fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal imaging cameras in conjunction with CCTV digital video recording technology, you can provide security for your entire facility without having to hire guards to maintain a physical presence. Video analytics can be used to heighten surveillance protection in security sensitive areas. 

By implementing a comprehensive office building security system that incorporates access control, digital video surveillance, and the latest intrusion detection technology, Advanced Control Corporation can help commercial building owners protect the physical, logical, and digital resources in their facilities.

Since 1987, the security experts at Advanced Control Corporation have helped thousands of local building owners protect their facilities with customized security automation solutions. Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 to discover the peace of mind that comes from having one of our comprehensive office building security systems protecting your premises and tenants from harm!