Miami Air Quality Management

Monitor and keep air quality control at optimal levels with Miami air quality management

air quality management
As a business owner or manager you know the importance of streamlining your business management operation to control and monitor every aspect of your building’s systems. Air quality control and management has become a primary concern in the operation of office buildings and their outside areas. To best serve your tenants, employees, and other building occupants with comfortable and safe air quality, an effective air quality management system must be installed.

An effective air quality system will protect all building occupants from:

  1. Dust
  2. Pollutants and toxins
  3. Mold spores
  4. Offensive odors
  5. CO2 levels

Authorized personnel will be able to manage and control air ventilation, circulation, humidity, cooling and heating at comfortable and healthy levels. Your building’s occupants receive the benefit of working in a healthy environment when pollutants and mold spores are deterred from entering the workplace. Air comfort levels can be controlled and monitored along with humidity. Workers feel comfortable and refreshed, and have fewer sick days that result in a loss of productivity. CO2 levels can be controlled through a demand control ventilation system, along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Advanced Control Corporation has helped many Miami businesses install and update their air quality management system. We are experts at determining what your system requires and where it is most needed. Your system utilizes sensors to modulate fresh outdoor air intake through your ventilation system to ensure that stale air, odors and CO2 levels remain safe. Air quality control systems can be monitored and timed to a specific schedule that regulates operations during the weekend, holidays, nighttime and Daylight Savings time, whatever you prefer. You have complete control over the operations of the system. If your building currently houses a building automation system, a new air quality control system can be integrated into it. This leaves all monitoring, data collection and operations at one command center location, and you can also operate the system from a phone app or online at another location.

 indoor air quality managementCO and NO2 gases can also be monitored and controlled in parking garages, loading docks or wherever it is deemed necessary. Indoor control of CO2, through your HVAC system, has been shown to reduce energy consumption resulting in lower energy costs. Indoor air quality will be affected and regulated based upon the building’s occupant population. CO2 production varies depending on how much a person’s respiration produces, which is based upon their diet and health. Longer duration time and high levels of activity per person within your building will produce more CO2 emissions. Ventilation control system sensors can determine the level of CO2 gases and allow for a re-flow air intake response to occur when levels get too high. Your building will never contain too much CO2 emissions, providing all occupants with safe, healthy indoor air quality.

Air quality planning is an important step in regulating a healthy indoor environment. Air pollution comes from a variety of sources that include:

  1. People
  2. Transportation emissions
  3. Chemicals and other pollutants
  4. Industry emissions
  5. Fossil fuel energy consumption
  6. Airports and harbor activities
  7. Particulates and ozone
  8. Fires and smoke

Air quality management is a precaution that prevents serious injury from pollution. The air we breathe affects our health and our life. Pollutants can adversely affect our throat, lungs and heart. Health problems increase when air pollution increases, as shown by doctor’s visits, minor illnesses, hospital admissions, disease and death.

Your company’s indoor air quality management system is an important component of your business operation. Advanced Control Corporation can establish a system that will best serve your building’s needs. We offer some of the most advanced technologies in air quality systems throughout Florida, and it would be our pleasure to help you install the most efficient, cost-effective system in your building. To learn more about air quality control and monitoring, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.