What is an Intelligent Building?

Understanding how intelligent buildings work

 intelligent buildingThe concept of an “intelligent building” has been around for more than 30 years, and we still do not have a single agreed-upon definition. While the meaning of what constitutes an intelligent building is continually evolving, the following is a good working definition: An intelligent building uses the latest technology and processes to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. Intelligent buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and provide the optimal environment for their occupants. As a result, these buildings have lower operational costs and offer considerable benefits for owners and occupants.

Designing an intelligent building

Intelligent building design ideally begins at the planning stage but e intelligent buildingsxisting structures can be retrofit to bring them in line with intelligent design principles. To achieve the desired energy efficiency and level of environmental control, intelligent buildings must be responsive and adjust to changing conditions and occupant actions. Hardware such as occupancy sensors, motion detectors, CCTV cameras, and RFID scanners are placed throughout the building and surrounding area to provide information on changing conditions. All of the building´s environmental and electrical systems are linked into a single network so they can exchange information and work together to achieve optimum efficiency.

How intelligent buildings work

The various occupancy sensors in an intelligent building register changing conditions, such as occupants leaving or entering an area. Sensors also monitor environmental conditions including temperature, indoor air quality, energy usage, etc. Building automation systems then take appropriate action as needed, such as turning off the HVAC and lighting in unoccupied areas, adjusting airflow to vent excess CO2, or alerting appropriate authorities of security breaches. Intelligent buildings are able to operate at peak efficiency this way, without wasting energy in unoccupied areas.

Interfacing with intelligent buildings

The latest intelligent buildings use web and cloud based technology to interface with the various building systems. Building owners and managers can remotely access an intelligent building’s systems through browser-based software via a smartphone, PDA, tablet, or computer. From anywhere in the world that has internet access, owners can monitor their property and environs and make any necessary changes to their building management solution.

The future of intelligent buildings

Who knows what the future will bring to intelligent building technology? Cloud-based technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, and cloud-based building management services have begun to appear as the next evolutionary step in intelligent buildings. These cloud-based management services have the potential to streamline intelligent building management systems so they are more economical and readily available. Building owners would simply install the necessary hardware in their structures, such as lighting, HVAC, security, and energy management systems. They could then access cloud-based building management services on a subscription basis, choosing only the specific services they need.

As intelligent building technology evolves, Advanced Control Corporation will continue to incorporate the latest technology to provide the most innovative building systems to meet our clients’ building control needs. Contact Advanced today at 954-491-6660 to learn how an intelligent building management system can transform your building to make it more secure, comfortable, and highly energy efficient.