Green Energy Business Ideas: Using Green Energy to Power Your Business

Upgrade your business and equipment with smart green energy solutions from Advanced Control 

Green energyGreen Energy Business Ideas has become the new standard for operating a business that is energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally safe. There are increasing amounts of new green products and services available as the industry grows in leaps and bounds. Learning about different types of green energy for your business will help save you money on utilities and operating costs, and also help to sustain the life of each individual system within your operation.

With an integrated building management system (BMS), your personnel will be able to access and manage every area of your property to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Your BMS will give authorized personnel the ability to schedule, monitor and manage all systems including heating, lighting, air-conditioning, HVAC and more. By utilizing smart green energy solutions you will decrease energy usage, increase efficiency, recycle used water and protect both the indoor and outdoor environment. Access to real-time data, plus archival data, will allow you to measure the performance and output of each system and correct areas in need of improvement. Your building management system, or building automation system, will put you at the helm of directing all energy systems and keep them operating at their maximum level of performance. You may also see a decrease in your annual operating expenses by as much as 15%.

Advanced Control Corporation can share many green energy business ideas with you and incorporate them into your existing BMS system or install them as a separate entity. A lighting management system will control all lighting within your structure through timing schedules to shut down lighting when areas of the building are unoccupied. Motion sensors will be able to determine if an area becomes occupied and the lighting will turn on. This is a smart solution for restrooms, utility closets, etc, and your tenants or personnel can also have the advantage of overriding the system if need be. Outdoor areas such as walkways, signage, parking lots and garages, etc. will also be managed by your lighting management system. A lighting management system can help to reduce your building’s lighting costs by as much as 25%.

Other types of green energy systems can shut down office equipment, vending machines, etc. that are not in use to increase savings in electric costs and enhance the life of the equipment. Cooling, heating humidity and air ventilation control will also be improved with the use of smart green energy solutions. Toxins, pollutants, air quality, dust and mold growth are all monitored by your BMS to protect indoor building area occupants, and also outdoor areas including parking garages, loading docks, and more. Your building management system will be able to receive, analyze and store data from meters, sub-meters and sensors, and authorized personnel can re-program and manage any system at will.

For companies that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and upgrade their building to the recognized green standard of a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, Advanced Control Corporation can help. Once you have decided which level of the nine LEED Green Building Rating System qualifications you prefer, we can help you achieve that goal. We are experienced and proficient in all aspects of LEED certification products, construction and systems recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council. A LEED certification elevates your structure to a high level of green building design and construction, environmental conservation, high energy efficiency and utilization of advanced technology.

Your building’s green energy systems will operate more proficiently, and your operating expenses will decrease when you install an intelligent BMS. If you would like to learn more about green energy business ideas or LEED certification, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.