The Latest in Green Technology for Your Miami Building

Consider technologies in green construction to upgrade your structure and reduce costs

Miami green technologyIn many areas of the country, green building technology is being touted as the new standard for building sustainable structures, and more companies are going green than ever before. If you are interested in green technology for your Miami building, then Advanced Control Corporation has what you are looking for. Energy efficiency is one of the main areas of concern for companies with high utility bills. By establishing energy efficiency in your building, you not only reduce your operating costs but you also help by adding future sustainable growth output. It is interesting to note that about 42% of organizations are looking to lease space in green buildings because they are aware of the tremendous advantages that green construction has to offer. If you own a building that leases office space, then incorporating green technology into your building systems will increase tenant retention and also attract new tenants.

New technologies in green construction are on the rise both in industry and personal habitats as more people are becoming aware of the necessity of sustainable development. Your building’s value will increase with green technology systems, and your operating costs will be lowered. More than 50% of businesses plan to be operating off the grid within the next ten years by incorporating green technology into their business structures. Now is the best time for you to consider Miami green construction for your building. Your business, your personnel and tenants will all thrive from the many benefits that smart green technology offers, such as security and safety issues, improved health benefits, reduced medical costs, and increased work productivity.

Advanced Control Corporation can help you achieve green construction in Miami. We can transform your energy usage and expenses by incorporating a building automation system into your existing structure or a new one. Your building automation system can be easily accessed and controlled by authorized personnel to manage every area of your structure or multiple structures, whether on-site or off. Technologies in green construction will run efficient systems, producing less waste and energy consumption. It will also enhance the work environment with comfortable temperature and humidity control, clean air quality and enhanced ventilation and circulation. Carbon dioxide, pollutants, toxic mold and poisonous gases will also be monitored and controlled. Energy efficiency of Miami green technology includes lighting systems that are managed by time and zone controls to turn lighting off in specific areas of the building that are unoccupied. Occupancy sensors are also used to identify when people move from one area to another, and lighting is controlled according to these measures.

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader that has helped many buildings become LEED certified. As a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) we are committed to the preservation of the environment and the conservation of energy. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is based on a rating system for green building technology. The rating system is an internationally recognized green building standard that is based upon eight primary areas. These areas are: energy and atmosphere, water efficiency, location and planning, sustainable sites, materials and resources, innovation and design processes, indoor environmental quality and regional priority. LEED certification is the definitive answer to green construction in Miami. LEED certification ensures you of financial savings, energy efficiency, environmental conservation, waste reduction, water recycling, lowered greenhouse gas emissions and attracting and retaining tenants. Other benefits include increased property value, zoning allowances and tax rebates.

For more information on the latest in green technology for your Miami building, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at  954-491-6660.