Miami Building Automation Solutions

Run a Safer, More Efficient Operation with Miami Building Automation Solutions

 Building Automation Solutions in MiamiAs a business owner or manager, your company’s structure, property and IT data could be at risk of damage or theft without a Miami building automation solutions system. When you integrate a fully automated system into your existing structure or multiple sites, you are taking the first necessary step toward securing your company assets. Advanced Control Corporation has helped many businesses incorporate a smart and effective security strategy to safeguard against damage, loss, theft and criminal activity. Securing your business with a building management system can deter criminal misdeeds, break-ins, tampering and employee theft. By closing wormholes, portals and access points you will be reducing security risks at every level of your business operation. While keeping your assets secure, an intelligent business management strategy will also protect employees and visitors on your company’s property.

You may be wondering what a fully integrated building management system entails. Your company’s system would be uniquely customized and designed to meet the necessary criteria needed to secure all areas of your business operation. All building systems could be accessed and managed by authorized personnel whether they are on or off the premises. Your structures and their interior systems could be locked down or opened up on command, giving you the upper hand in the event of a security breach.

Security initiatives could include surveillance cameras, closed circuit television (CCTV), lighting control, building and elevator access control, and more. Video analytics can be monitored and controlled in real time to assess any strange behavior of building occupants, or unauthorized access to restricted areas. Access control systems allow your management to determine who has access to physical, logical or digital resources within your building. Any type of misconduct would be viewed in real time, so that the necessary steps to secure occupants, resources and specific areas of your building is made possible. Intelligent building automation solutions are your company’s operative defense against any security risk or concession.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is just one aspect of an efficient automation system. Videos cameras are set up throughout your building to patrol specified areas, and that information is privately transmitted to monitors in a localized zone where security personnel can study the information. This equips your security team with a continuous stream of surveillance for safety and security purposes.

Advanced Control Corporation offers many different types of CCTV camera surveillance systems and our expert technicians can suggest which ones would best suit your business needs. CCTV camera systems are used by banks, airports, industrial and military installations and retail establishments as one element of a building management system safety net. Your company’s security team can determine the timetable and areas that your CCTV surveillance system would operate in. In highly restricted, dangerous areas that are unsafe for long-term human occupancy, a CCTV surveillance system is essential.

Our technicians can explain the differences among thermal imaging cameras, network IP cameras, fixed position cameras, etc. and which ones are most suitable to your company needs and requirements. You will be able to achieve complete flexibility of control in monitoring, recording and organizing data from your CCTV automation system. Our experts will help you determine system perimeters, and select the proper equipment. We do all of the installation and will service your system to keep it operating at its full potential. At Advanced Control Corporation, we offer you the finest products and services to establish the best building automation solutions system you can attain.

Protect your business with a Miami building automation solutions integrated system. To learn more about how we can help you achieve complete security management, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.