Installing a Closed Circuit TV System Can Save Your Business

Improve security and decrease theft with a CCTV surveillance system on site with Advanced Control

Closed Circuit TV SystemIn this day and age when civil disturbances are on the rise, security becomes a key factor in the daily operation of your business. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader of security and surveillance systems that are paramount to protecting your property, material assets and building occupants. We can show you that installing a closed circuit TV system can save your business and lives. Having a closed circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance system is a critical component of securing each and every area of your building and grounds. By monitoring who has access to your property and what activities they are performing, you are given the power to observe and control every activity on your property. When there is suspicious activity in one area, you will have the power to shut down or close off that area with an access-control system. All CCTV surveillance can be viewed by authorized personnel in one specific area on or off the property, and they will be able to easily manage building security through an integrated system.

There are many advantages to integrating CCTV into your building’s security system. When occupants in a building are aware of being monitored on a TV screen they will be less likely to cause problems with your employees and the public. Because closed circuit TV monitoring is a witness to an event, your employees can be protected against false allegations and crime investigations will be easily solved. Another security measure advantage offered by CCTV is that you will be able to monitor all employee activity to guard your company against employee theft. A CCTV surveillance system will also give you another opportunity that is often overlooked. This opportunity enables you to observe the daily activity of your employees and their interactions with others, and this may give you insight to identify situations that need improvement. You will also be able to monitor access-denied areas for intruders, plus parking garages, loading docks, walkways and grounds areas. CCTV cameras use wireless technology so there is no concern of wires being cut. And CCTV cameras offer high-resolution images that produce easy identification of faces and other physical characteristics.

When you install a closed circuit TV as part of your building’s security system, you or authorized personnel will be able to monitor the comings and goings of people on your property. CCTV surveillance systems allow you to observe employee punctuality, productivity and theft, and also deter criminal activity. Advanced Control Corporation has helped countless businesses throughout Florida set-up CCTV systems for security and surveillance purposes. We carry an extensive line of security camera systems to meet your individual business needs. Our systems allow you to manage and monitor hundreds of cameras on multiple sites from one convenient location. We can help you develop system perimeters and we also install and service all equipment. You will have complete flexibility in customizing your CCTV surveillance system. Our company is committed to offering our clients excellent service and that is why we require our technicians and staff to be properly trained and certified to meet our high standards. We also offer maintenance and service plans that include online support, client on-site training and much more.

Besides having peace of mind about safety issues, another added benefit for you is that once your CCTV system is installed you might be able to receive insurance credit from your property insurance provider. For more information about our closed circuit TV systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.