How Installing a Commercial Lighting Control System Can Save Your Company in Utilities

Increase safety and cut costs with a building lighting control system from Advanced Control

commercial lighting controlAs a business owner or manager, you know the importance of eliminating unnecessary operating expenses. By incorporating the right equipment into your building’s automation system, you will be able to manage and control your building’s energy output. This will enable you to cut costs while also providing security protection for your employees and all other building occupants. Advanced Control Corporation can show you how installing a commercial lighting control system can save your company in utilities costs, and provide you with extra benefits as well. We can help you integrate a commercial lighting control system into your current operation or create a system for new construction. Authorized personnel will have a full range of control to monitor and manage the lighting system within every area of your building. This leverage will provide your company with lower utility bills and also provide each building area with adequate lighting for security purposes.

Your building lighting control system can be managed by time-of-day switching applications from a time clock that will shut down lighting in areas that are unoccupied. This is a practical application for businesses that operate at specific times of the day, or in specific areas of a building that are occupied during certain hours of the day. With an automated lighting control system all lighting circuits are integrated into one centralized management location. Your building illumination control system would function by using light level sensors to manage the amount of light being emitted in specific areas. It would also use motion detector applications to determine if an area is occupied or not. Authorized personnel will have access and command of occupancy, scheduling and dimming controls throughout your structure.

By managing your company’s lighting system you can provide security measures for building occupants and also those outside the building. Parking garages, parking lots, walkways, signage, loading docks, handicap access and other features can all be controlled by an integrated commercial lighting control system. Security measures will be increased, plus adequate lighting control deters crime, burglary and property damage. You will be providing a safer environment for your employees and visitors, plus also protecting your building’s assets. Your lighting control system becomes a part of your company’s perpetual watchdog along with other integrated surveillance and security systems. With so many options available, Advanced Control Corporation can customize a building illumination control system for your structure based on your company’s goals, needs and budget.

A commercial lighting control system would also include tenant override technology in the format of a smartphone-based override module system. This would provide your tenants with the capability to override lighting, temperature and HVAC systems. Override technology would include indoor areas such as restrooms, cubicles, storage areas, cafeterias and more. Outdoor areas such as parking garages, walkways, loading docks, etc. can also be included to provide complete access and control of every area of your business operation. You can choose from a singular stand-alone system or an integrated networked system. We also offer Fast Ethernet-based building illumination systems. Through Ethernet technology your authorized management personnel will be able to access and share data among your controllers throughout your structure with lightening speed. Ethernet-based technology is the ideal system to use if you are managing a large commercial or industrial area.

If it is time to upgrade your facility and take advantage of lower costs and a safer environment by improving your company’s existing system with a new commercial lighting control system, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.