How Elevator Access Can Step Up Your Building’s Security

Tighten security and keep occupants safe with elevator access control systems from Advanced Control


Elevator Access ControlDid you know that there are different ways to secure specific areas of your building for security purposes? Elevator access control systems are one of the many security solutions we provide here at Advanced Control Corporation. If you have a multi-use or multi-tenant facility then you should consider having restrictions on access to different areas in your building, to provide each tenant with privacy and safety. The public should not be roaming around buildings, but should be steered to the exact location that they came in for. This can be accomplished with an elevator access control system which will provide your personnel or tenants with an increase in safety and will also deter criminal activity. You will be limiting access to transient traffic in your building by only allowing people with authorization to have access to specific areas.

Elevator access control will also provide access to each floor in your building for authorized cardholders only. Authorized persons will be provided an access card to allow entry to floors allowed by the system manager. Your elevator access control system can be a single system or be integrated into your building automation system and camera surveillance system, ensuring that your building and occupants will benefit from the added security of an elevator access system.

Buildings that typically utilize elevator access control systems include office buildings, hospitals, nursing facilities, high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. Some buildings require access systems that can manage multiple elevators with many floors and other buildings just need to service one elevator with multiple floors. Whether you have a one elevator building or multiple elevators to be managed, Advanced Control Corporation can customize access control solutions for your property. Your residents must use their access card to visit certain floors, or you could give them access to all floors. You or authorized personnel can manage the elevator access system at your discretion.

Business locations and access control systems

For office buildings, access to specific floors can be managed on a time schedule with standard access during business hours, but restricted during nighttime and weekends. Employees would have access to the floor/department that they work in such as the accounting department or the advertising department. They may also have access to floors that house a company cafeteria and gym. All other floors would be restricted to them. Senior personnel and maintenance personnel may be granted full access to all floors, with a time scheduled limit for the maintenance staff.

With so many options that can be tailored to your structure and industry, let Advanced Control Corporation help you integrate a building security system into your existing operation. Without a security system in place you run the risk of theft, tampering and break-ins. Security risks are increased by using open protocol systems that do not have access control systems in place. We can offer you multiple security solutions such as access control, digital video surveillance and intrusion detection. By utilizing building and elevator access control, CCTV and surveillance cameras you will reduce the risk of loss and damage to your property, and help to keep building occupants safe.

As a business owner, security should be a primary concern in protecting your building, building assets and occupant safety. We here at Advanced Control Corporation know how important it is to reduce risk and enhance safety measures by having an elevator access control system in your building. If you would like to know more about how elevator access control can step up your building’s security, contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.