Saving Energy by Making Your Building Leed Certified

Save energy and money with Leed Certification by Advanced Control Corporation

Making Your Building Leed CertifiedYou know that your business could be saving energy by making your building Leed Certified? Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in helping all types of companies become Leed Certified by going green. We are a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) striving to ensure the protection of our environment and the conservation of energy. Leed Certification is based upon the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for green buildings. The Leed rating system is the internationally recognized green building standard, and is primarily focused on eight key areas that include water efficiency, materials and resources, innovation and design processes,location and planning, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites, indoor environmental quality and regional priority.

Your company will gain many benefits by going green with Leed Certification, and you will also be making a positive impact on preserving energy and the environment. Advanced Control Corporation was a participant in the first Leed Certified building project in Broward County, Florida. The project was the Broward Community College South Regional Library, which is a two-story, 70,000 square foot library that was designed to be energy efficient and environmentally sound. Leed Certification represents the standard of measurement that defines a green building, while also raising consumer awareness about green building practices and promoting environmental leadership. Advanced Control Corporation can help you create a Leed Certified building that will help you conserve energy, reduce waste and save your company money in operating costs.

If you are planning to build a new structure or upgrade an existing one, you may be interested in learning how Leed Certified building solutions can benefit you. Your company can achieve this certification when your building functions efficiently in such areas as: water usage, sustainable site development, materials selection, energy efficiency and a healthier indoor environment. The benefits of going green include financial savings plus social and environmental factors such as reducing waste that becomes landfill, recycling water, using renewable resources and lowering dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. A Leed Certification will increase the value of your property and is an attractive incentive for gaining and retaining tenants, resulting in higher occupancy.  When you get Leed Certification your property qualifies for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives that may be offered by your city.

We will help you become Leed Certified through customized building automation solutions which are an integral part of energy efficiency, innovative design and indoor environmental quality. Our building automation systems provide easy access and control to authorized personnel in the management of your building’s mechanical, electronic and lighting systems. Overall energy efficiency is achieved by managing air conditioning, heating and lighting systems by using time and zone controls in occupied and unoccupied areas. Your building can achieve up to a 25% reduction in energy costs just by managing lighting controls. Lighting control can apply to all indoor areas plus outdoor walkways, parking garages, storage areas, signs, etc. A temperature control system will analyze energy use, save sensor data and manage the comfort of building occupants by maintaining specified temperature points throughout the building. Indoor air quality is improved through the use of a building automation system that monitors air quality and control while reducing pollutants, carbon dioxide levels, humidity and toxic mold growth. Poisonous gases are properly ventilated and eliminated throughout your structure and indoor parking garages by monitoring CO and NO2 levels.

You can get Leed Certification for your building by calling us today to begin the process. Contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.