How Miami Building Automation Systems Can Help Offset Summer Utilities

Lower expenses and increase overall security in your structure with automated building systems in Miami.

 Miami Building Automation Systems It’s been a brutally hot summer this year and utility bills are skyrocketing. If you are operating a business, you know just how high utility bills can go. Advanced Control Corporation can help you offset your summer utility bills with an automated building system in Miami. We can integrate an automation system into your existing structure or build an entirely new one, to help you reduce waste, and improve energy usage efficiency, indoor environment and financial savings. Our company can conduct a building operation system analysis of your existing system to determine where a problem may exist that is costing your company unnecessary expense.

When you use our proprietary software system, your data will be converted into actionable intelligence. This process allows you to classify and prioritize mechanical system inadequacies and cost-effective solutions to reduce your facility operating budget. Our software is an integrated system-based diagnostics tool that operates on the cloud and web levels. It will help you identify system degradation, faults and inefficiencies and offer improvement recommendations. Over time, an automated building system in Miami will help your company operate more efficiently while bringing you more cost-saving opportunities.

Our team of experts at Advanced Control Corporation is experienced and knowledgeable in designing, integrating and optimizing continual multiple facility and management systems. We work with single structures or multi-site organizations to retain optimal performance levels of all building systems. Our data integration system continuously drives actions and tracks performance. Information is collected from all systems and delivered to the cloud-based data storage center. The data is processed to manage and diagnose the facility’s performance by identifying system and equipment faults, energy usage and operation sequences and trends.  An alert is sent if there is a problem that requires immediate attention allowing you to contract repairs and services. Your Miami building automation system will become a vital asset to your company’s overall operation status.

When you install our VAO (visualize, analyze, optimize) system, you will be able to save between 15 to 30% of energy expenditures. Our team of experts reviews the daily diagnostic reports of your VAO system to determine what operational needs and building requirements should be improved. Our management services include customization to your particular sequences and systems. Your Miami automated building system will monitor and manage power usage either in a single or multiple structure setting. We offer the latest technology in energy management software for all your metering needs. If your business has multiple rental properties, your building system will accurately measure each individual tenant’s energy consumption. Your system will also provide you with an easy-to-read utility monitoring interactive dashboard that provides power usage data in real time. This feature allows you to assess what areas are producing too much waste and need improvement. Advanced Control Corporation can help you gauge your building’s performance and create solutions to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. By utilizing our energy conservation recommendations and VAO system, utility costs will be reduced and your system’s overall performance will be optimized.

Let us provide to you energy management services from the initial development phase to actual implementation. We understand our client’s building management needs and also offer HVAC, lighting systems, surveillance systems and more. Since 1987 we have been a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and are dedicated to energy conservation and environmental preservation. We have helped numerous companies acquire LEEDS Certification by becoming a green company. We are able to assess comprehensive energy usage, waste, system faults and failures, air quality concerns, surveillance, security and access control measures. We provide a wide range of services based upon your needs and budget.

If you want to know how Miami building automation systems can help offset summer utilities, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.