Miami Building Automation Solutions for Your South Florida Business

Transform your energy usage and costs with building automation solutions in Miami

Miami Building Automation Solutions You can increase the efficiency and safety of your business by incorporating a building automation system into your existing system or by creating an entirely new building solution. Advanced Control Corporation has a variety of Miami building automation solutions for your South Florida business. An intelligent automation system will improve the efficiency performance of your operation while reducing energy consumption and waste and also lower your operating costs. It will also create a safer, more comfortable environment for all of the occupants inside and on the grounds of your buildings. A building automation system provides easy access and management of all systems whether you are on or off the property. Authorized personnel will be able to manage and control systems such as lighting, HVAC, ventilation, security, fire, flood, mechanical and more through a building automation system in Miami.

When you provide the best possible efficiency performance for your building’s systems, you and your company will benefit in many ways. Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader that has worked with many commercial and industrial businesses, medical facilities, government buildings and condominiums to help them reach their full operating efficiency level. We cover ground in many areas including security systems, air and ventilation, elevator access, lighting, heating and cooling systems and more. Whether you own a single structure or multiple properties, you can easily manage your operation by having one single integrated system that you or authorized personnel can easily access on or off the property site. An integrated building automation system can save your company up to 15% in annual operating costs, and offer you many benefits.

Some of the many options you can integrate into your automation system include:

  1. Safety and Security- Your building automation system should include a CCTV system to provide safety and security for your physical property and electronic IT data. It will also add security to occupants inside and out of the building, and reduce criminal activity, damage and theft. CCTV solutions allow all activity inside and out of your buildings and also parking lots/garages and walkways to be monitored. It can allow access to specific areas, floors and elevators or it can deny access according to your specifications. CCTV surveillance helps to control the flow of unauthorized persons from entering areas that are restricted. Advanced Control Corporation offers a wide variety of camera equipment options such as pan/tilt/zoom cameras; license plate capture cameras; fixed cameras and thermal imaging cameras.
  2. Temperature Control- Building automation systems in Miami should include the monitoring of air quality and control within structures. An air quality control system will provide healthy indoor air quality while eliminating offensive odors, controlling humidity and mold growth, improve comfort and also maintain outdoor air code requirements. Parking garages are monitored for poisonous CO2 and NO2 emissions and are equipped to alert authorities and facility personnel if a problem arises.

Advance Control Corporation had been providing companies with viable solutions since 1987. We provide solutions for every aspect of building automation systems in Miami from implementation, integration and maintenance. We can help your company develop a cohesive building management system that will keep each system running optimally while reducing waste and lowering costs. Authorized personnel will be able to access and manage each system through an easy to use graphics interface. Your Miami building automation solutions system can be managed from any location on or off site, through internet access.

To begin your plans for a building automation system in Miami, contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660.