Florida Energy Management Systems Help Sunshine State Save

Upgrade your Florida structure with energy-saving building automation systems from Advanced Control

Florida Energy Management SystemsIf you are wondering how Florida energy management systems help the Sunshine State save on money and resources, you have come to the right place. Advanced Control Corporation has been helping Florida businesses become more energy efficient and environmentally responsible since 1987. We are an industry leader with a wide variety of comprehensive services that include cost-effective energy management systems, intelligent systems integration, access control, CCTV surveillance systems and much more.

Since our company was founded we have been green conscious and committed to preserving the natural Florida environment.  To achieve this objective, we are focused on eliminating waste while managing and reducing energy usage. In our efforts to protect the Florida environment and produce a cost-effective efficient energy automation system for our clients, we design the initial energy concept, carry-out the installation and provide continual maintenance to keep all systems running at their optimal levels. For more than 27 years, Advanced Control Corporation has been constructing energy automation systems for a countless number of buildings in Florida. Our building automation systems have made a measurable impact in reducing the carbon footprint of these buildings on the Florida environment.

Building Automation Systems – First Steps

Advanced Control Corporation believes that the first step to achieving sustainability is to incorporate an efficient energy management system into your existing structure. Your company will be at an advantage by becoming energy efficient through benefits like minimizing increasing energy costs, adding value to your business and property, and providing sustainability to your business and the environment. When you partner with us, we will conduct an energy analysis of your existing system to determine where problems exist and offer solutions. Our team will create a cost-effective energy efficient building strategy through the integration of a building automation system (BAS). An energy efficient building will solve energy efficiency problems, provide security for occupants, IT data and equipment, and secure indoor environmental comfort and safety.  Your building automation system will decrease equipment operating cost expenditures by approximately 15 percent. A Florida energy management system in a 100 square-foot building can reduce energy costs by approximately $.15 per square-foot. These figures add up to a substantial annual savings in operating cost expenditures. Besides generating more savings for your business, you are also helping to conserve the natural Florida environment.

An inefficient energy system will create out-of-control energy usage and costs. When you integrate the appropriate energy automation systems into your building you are able to identify problems and create solutions. You will be utilizing the latest building management technology through interactive tools such as sub-metering dashboards while viewing and storing real-time energy usage data. By keeping track of your system’s energy usage you are able to gauge performance and identify faults and failures. Advanced Control Corporation will recommend energy saving solutions to reach optimal efficiency. Our talented and experienced support team can assist you and authorized personnel in understanding data to successfully monitor and manage all power systems, whether they are in one structure or multiple structures. We can analyze and interpret data and provide your company with a viable plan that can quickly be utilized to begin saving money. Your building automation system can also manage multiple rental properties and measure the individual energy usage of each tenant. We also provide you with easy to read interactive dashboards to oversee power usage data in real-time.

If you would like to learn more about energy management systems that will save your company money and resources, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.