Energy Conservation Techniques

Increase energy savings and minimize waste with energy conservation techniques for your building

Energy Conservation TechniquesSustainable energy management and waste control are important systemic strategies to consider for any company. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in energy conservation and can help you by creating an energy conservation project that is sustainable and suited to your business operation. Some of the actionable energy conservation techniques that your company can implement include energy efficiency and waste management. Your energy costs can be lowered by utilizing and maximizing energy efficient solutions. Our expertise in the business of building analytics and systems management can offer you an energy system that is managed and controlled by authorized personnel. Our systems are adaptable to change as your business needs evolve or there are new technologies that you wish to incorporate into the existing system. We can help you create energy usage direction that will save your company time, money and increase the optimal energy performance for your building, personnel and operating systems. When you partner with us, we will design energy conservation techniques for your business, over-see projects and monitor development to ensure that everything is operating at its maximum potential.

Good energy automation systems should reflect their energy saving potential by providing daily readings of electricity, gas and water consumption. That information allows you to identify problems and assess the optimal performance of the system. Advanced Control Corporation offers your company a wide range of monitoring systems, technical maintenance, operational support and systems modification ability to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. We have the experience and expertise to design completely customized building automation systems to include such features as:

  • Water conservation
  • HVAC equipment and optimization
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Tenant override
  • Lighting control
  • Electrical usage
  • Production areas
  • Chiller plant
  • CO monitoring for parking garages
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Integration of the Access Control system
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Identify and card management systems

By installing an energy automation system in your building, your company benefits with lower energy costs, improved comfort of occupants, and the extended life of equipment. We have been building automation systems since 1987 and oversee every aspect of a project, from implementation, integration and operation. One feature of our building automation systems is the control and monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems from one centralized location. This allows authorized personnel to access all of your building’s systems through a user-friendly graphics interface, making building management simple and cohesive. This system allows access to air quality, temperature control, video surveillance and power monitoring for one single building or multiple structures, and can be monitored by internet access on or off the premises.

A building automation system ensures that all of your building operation systems are connected and communicating with every building system network and also with your facility personnel. By installing an energy automation system, you will be able to measure real-time power usage – from air conditioning, heating, ventilation and lighting. Authorized personnel will have complete access and control of monitoring and managing all energy systems.

Advanced Control Corporation is well known for providing excellent quality service to our clients. Our technicians and staff are properly trained and certified to meet the meticulous service standards that we insist upon. We offer our clients an array of maintenance and service programs that can be customized to best suit your specific needs and budget. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 and let us help you streamline your business initiative for energy conservation.