Commercial Lighting Control

Upgrade your structure and save money with a commercial lighting control system

Commercial Lighting ControlIf your business lighting system is outdated and in the dark, it may be time for you to consider making some upgrades in commercial lighting control. Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with a new lighting control system for a new construction project or update existing lighting circuits. Your lighting system can be incorporated into a building automation system that will place authorized personnel at the helm of control.

The range of control can be adjusted to meet your business goals and needs. If your business facility is managed from a centralized building management system, then a basic control for lighting and equipment switch applications would suffice. If you wish to upgrade to an automated lighting control system, then all lighting circuits in your facility would be included. The security of your property and its inhabitants are always a top priority for business owners and managers. By implementing a lighting automation system throughout your facility you help to deter crime, burglary and damage. A new lighting control system for your property would include light level sensors and motion detectors that will protect your assets and afford you the benefit of a continuous physical security defense.

The single largest operating expense of commercial properties is energy use, which requires about one-third of the operating budget. Statistics by the U.S. Department of Energy state that approximately 40 percent is spent on lighting costs for an average commercial property. From this expense point the budget will rise due to a lack of energy efficient lighting, wasted lamp life, higher cooling costs and an augmented burden on the HVAC system. It is for these reasons that lighting automation systems are indispensable in bringing unnecessary costs down, increasing energy efficiency and reducing your environmental footprint.  A building automation system would implement time and zone controls that lower costs by turning the lights off when the building is not being occupied. Occupancy sensors are also installed to specify the presence of people in the facility, and they operate by an on/off lighting switch. By accessing occupancy sensors in your facility to control lighting, your average energy costs can be reduced by about 25 percent.

Advanced Control Corporation can customize state-of-the-art building automation systems for your business and budget. You will have access and command of occupancy, scheduling and dimming controls throughout your structure. We also offer tenant override technology, which is a smartphone-based override module system. This system allows your tenants the capacity to override the lighting, temperature and HVAC controls. Override technology can be integrated to include indoor areas such as cafeterias, cubicles, storage facilities, restrooms, offices, etc. Outdoor areas could include garages, walkways, parking lots, signs, etc.

Advanced Control Corporation can customize and facilitate the ideal networked or stand-alone commercial lighting automation system for your property. As an option, we also offer a Fast Ethernet-based control system to manage larger lighting schemes. By utilizing your existing Ethernet structure you will be able to share data among your controllers at lightening speed throughout your facility. If you own or manage a large commercial or industrial property a Fast Ethernet-based system offers you the greatest amount of control. Advanced Control Corporation also offers alarm notification systems and much more to ensure the security of your facility.

If you would like to upgrade your commercial lighting control system call one of our lighting experts today. Contact Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660 and let us help you reduce operating costs by implementing energy efficient solutions.